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You graduated from college and have been searching for a job where they could fully realize this knowledge. And now, a happy occasion presented itself, you sent your resume in one of the established firms in your city, and you are told that tomorrow at 11:00 you waiting for a job interview. Of course you worry because the job offered you meet all your wishes and you really want to get it. Tomorrow you will have to produce a good impression of the company's management to demonstrate all your skills, but above all, you still have to look and properly. The current here, consider their appearance to confirm the proverb "meet on clothes." Write what clothes you wear but the interview. Consider every detail style, color, the accessories, the hairstyle, the doge, if you like, perfume, try to look so that the employer had the good impression when meeting with you. To facilitate your task, we introduce one constraint, the time of year when you get a job - summer.


02.02.2014 15:28:33
Огромное спасибо вы мне очень сильно помогли, я в дальнейшем буду с удовольствием с вами сотрудничять!!!