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Examination is in the form of the test, in which each of the questions you should choose the correct answer (or multiple answers) of the proposals. 20 replies.

Contains the text of questions and response options

3 The first question:

1. To the masses there was an allocation of goods "of the bull" is needed:

A) the ability to raise cattle;

B) the emergence of surplus goods;

B) have gold (diamonds);

D) The impossibility of a sharp increase in this product in the market.

2. Which are the main functions of money?

A) a measure of value;

B) means of payment;

B) world money;

d) a medium of exchange;

D) a store of value.

3. Commodity money at the same time offer the following types of value:

A) marketable and functional;

B) marketable and profitable;

C) Functional and conservation;

D) and reverse function.



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