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🔥 Tired of playing with standard items? Then you here)
🔥 After payment, you will instantly receive a Steam account with various items in the CS:GO game.
🔥 The account will be only yours, no one will ever restore it, since the account was created for boost and sale.
🎮 The account can be in the form of email; pass login: pass, in addition to this, there may be other games on the account.
✅ Inventory includes CS:GO.
✅ Inventory consists of 90 to 500 items.
✅ All accounts Guaranteed accounts.
✅ All accounts without Steam locks.
✅ All accounts without phone bindings in Steam.
✅ All accounts without VAC bans.
✅ All accounts with native mail.
✅ Inventory cost from $1.
✅ All accounts No one will ever steal your personal accounts.


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