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Loyalty discount! If the total amount of your purchases from the seller more than:

$100 the discount is 3%
$300 the discount is 5%
$500 the discount is 7%
▶️PS4/5 Platform: Available✅
Lifetime guarantee


🎮 Atomic Heart (PS4 & PS5)

▶️This type of activation implies that you will play with our issued account. This activation is mainly used by our game rental service.
▶️This type of activation is suitable for those who do not care about saving or achieving in the game, and launching the game from their account.
▶️It is important to remember that we sell activation on the account, not the account itself, it belongs to our service, so it is forbidden to change the data on the account, just like trying to install the account on more than one console. Any attempt to take over an account imposes a ban on its use and blocking the user on our channel, without a refund of the funds spent.

📘 Installation instructions⚠️

1.Creating a new user and entering data:

For PS4 Select "Power"
Next "Change user"
Create a new user (not as a guest!)
For PS5, select GET STARTED!

We accept the license agreement
Enter account information

2. FOR PS4 Proposal to change the main system
Very important ! Select "Do not change"

2.1 PS5 Console Sharing
Very important! Select "Disable" or "Do not enable"

3. We put the game to swing
Finding your game (purchased)
Loading (loading status can be checked via the option button)

4. You can play (You need a constantly connected Internet)
The game starts with the given account.

After the end of the rental, the data from the account will be changed, the account will need to be deleted.
Settings - Login settings - Delete account.

The goods will be issued within 24 hours from the date of purchase. (As a rule, the goods are issued from 9-21 Moscow time). You will receive a notification about this.


16.03.2023 16:21:46
Все хорошо, вошел без проблем, игра скачивается
16.03.2023 12:44:32
Все хорошо
14.03.2023 11:39:21
Всё пришло быстро. Рекомендую
11.03.2023 16:27:16
11.03.2023 13:09:24
Все отлично, аккаунт был выдан сразу, игра суперская💞
07.03.2023 21:34:04
Оплатил заказ, сразу получил данные для входа, игру уже прошел
Рекомендую, все супер
04.03.2023 14:25:03
Первый раз столкнулся вообще с прокатом игр, и как же мне повезло найти сразу честного и адекватного продавца.
-Отвечает оперативно
-Разговаривает на понятном языке
-На вторую игру сделал скидку
-Бонусом продлил аренду еще на сутки
Однозначно рекомендую! ТОП!
Атомик Харт кстати ниче такая, за 500р пройти на разок в самый раз!))
03.03.2023 8:49:17
28.02.2023 9:37:16
все отлично, рекомендую
21.02.2023 11:30:58
Отличный продавец, рекомендую!