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Plumbing home - Volkov VA

It is no secret that in modern apartment sanitary equipment plays an important role. By virtue of the physical and chemical properties of water and the materials from which are manufactured plumbing, exposed last much more rapid aging and damage than, say, electric flat. Unfortunately, the utilities are in no hurry to remove the fault occurred, and the current valve may eventually become the subject of constant sighs about your wife irrevocably lost youth and a failed marriage, and the hiss of water flowing into the toilet tank successfully completes an evil hiss Tiffany's about it. Yes, and financial losses due to water leakage can be tangible, if you have a water meter. In addition, in support of the well-known proverb, "Where is thin, there and tear," one day because of a broken pipe you may be able to work out in the repair not only his own apartment, but several neighboring two or three floors below.

However, you can reverse the damage to, and even become a source of pride and your wife deserve leniency from the mother-in-advance self-correct simple faults, but on the savings to drink beer. And how to do it (in the sense of saving about :-) - see in this manual.

By using this tool, you will be able to choose and purchase the necessary tool for the job, will receive sufficient information on the laying of water pipes used in pipes and their fastening elements, compounds installation. You'll learn about the technologies and work with pipes: their bending, compound pad. After studying the descriptions in this material device taps and valves, you will be able to eliminate them simple malfunction. And even if you prefer to use the services of other professionals still read this manual, as the information gleaned from it, will allow you to monitor the progress of work and to avoid outright schlock that has become the norm in today's workers ZhESa.

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