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Russian language and culture of speech - Golub

The guide aims to strengthen the culture of writing and speaking students to learn to design business documents and to lay the foundation skills of public speaking. Characterized by stylistic system of modern Russian language, the most complex aspects of spelling and punctuation basics of rhetoric. Dictionary provides accents, management options in the Russian language and samples of business documents. The content and structure of the book correspond to the requirements of state educational standards of higher professional education of the second generation.

For students of higher educational institutions. It is of interest to anyone who wants to strengthen the culture of writing and speaking and learn the basics of office.


Section I. Stylistic system of modern Russian language 7

Chapter 1. The stylistic diversity of the Russian language 7

Chapter 2. Using the linguistic resources in a functional style 19

Section II. Difficulties Russian spelling and punctuation 81

Chapter 1 81 Spelling

Chapter 2. Punctuation 113

Section III. Basics of oratory 200

Chapter 1. Richness of speech 200

Chapter 2. Accuracy, clarity of speech 206

Chapter 3. The richness of the speech 213

Chapter 4. Right Speech 239

Chapter 5. Literary pronunciation 267

Chapter 6 272 Logical speech

Chapter 7. Basics of public speaking skills 280

Applications 326

1. Samples of the organizational, administrative and

background papers 326

2. List of abbreviations 333

3. Hard Case Management in Russian 334

4. Glossary of stresses and literary pronunciation 341


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