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The collection includes the following articles:

1.Alekseev AI Zhuravlev M.P- On improvement of legislation on the fight against recidivism

2.Bayahchev VG - Criminal liability for failure to return from abroad of foreign currency funds

3.Vaksyan AZ - Exemption citizen from criminal liability and punishment

4.Golovko LV - Forgiveness of debt at the termination of criminal proceedings on the grounds of non-rehabilitation

5.Golodnyuk MN - Development of the Russian legislation on coercive measures of a medical nature

6.Golubeva VV - computerization and criminal law

7.Gutsenko CF - If you are illegally brought to criminal responsibility

8.Zarubin VI - The concept of public order as the object of bullying

9.Komissarov VS - responsible for trafficking of arms, ammunition, explosives and explosive devices

10.Marogulova I.L - Some questions of qualification of murder

11.Mihaylov VI - to prove the risk of criminal law

12.Nevsky VV - The fight against crime. Analysis of legislation

13.Nikoforov AS - degree murder in the contemporary European Continental and Anglo-American criminal law

14.Rivkin KE - Criminal liability for the theft of credit

15.Sergeev VI - Assessment of action of the victim at qualification of extortion

16.Tkachevsky YM - Restoration of social justice - the purpose of criminal punishment and the Criminal Executive Code of the Russian Federation

17.Tkachevsky YM - Criminal liability for contempt

18.Totev K. - Criminal liability for monopolistic activity

19.Tyunin V.I- about lasting and continues to crimes in the sphere of economic activity

20.Uspensky AV - The problem of justifying a causal relationship with the complicity of a crime

21.Ustinova ETC - Malice as a structural feature of a crime against justice

22.Yakubov AE - General part of the Criminal Code and the retroactive effect of the criminal law

23.Yani PS - Legalization of property acquired illegally

24.Yani PS - criminal attacks on property


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