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The collection includes the following articles:

1.Vaksyan AZ - Exemption from criminal liability in accordance with the general part of the Criminal Code

2.Golovko LV - Some civil legal problems arising from the application of Article 76 of the new Penal Code

3.Efimichev PS - Scope and limits of proof in criminal cases on tax crimes

4.Ivanenko YG - Civil and criminal defense of honor, dignity and business reputation

5.Istomin AF, Gorbulin VA, VI Zarubin - Ways to improve the standards of the Criminal Code as the legal framework to combat terrorism

6.Klepitsky IA - Property crimes (comparative legal aspect)

7.Komissarov VS - responsible for illicit trafficking in narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances under the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation

8.Kondrashov C.A - The expert's conclusion on the analysis of DNA and its probative value

9.Nersesyan VA - The criminalization of negligent unlawful acts need a systemic approach

10.Popov IA, Sergeev VI - Tax evasion or insurance companies to the state budget funds

11.Pristanskaya OV - Use of criminal law against child abuse

12.Rarog AI, Nersesyan V.A- Rough soprichinenie and its criminally-legal value

13.Sementsova IA - Compulsory medical measures and punishment for persons with mental disorder

14.Solovev I. - Criminal law and criminological characteristics of tax crimes under the Criminal Code in 1996

15.Tkachevsky YM - compassionate release

16.Tkachevsky YM - criminal liability for engaging in prostitution and for organizing or maintaining dens

17.Tkachevsky YM - Criminal liability for defamation

18.Tyazhkova IM - Environmental crime in the new Criminal Code of the Russian Federation

19.Schigolev YV - Criminal liability for crimes in the field of electoral law

20.Yakubov AE - Action intermediate criminal law

21.Yani PS - Pulp bankruptcy

22.Yani PS - Illegal loan

23.Yani PS - Murder and business


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