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General information about the program «Notebook»

Notebook - a simple text editor is used to create simple documents. The most common program «Notebook» is used to view and edit text (TXT) files

Features Notebook

Create, open, edit, save text files of unlimited size scanned or edit the file in .txt format

Switching languages \u200b\u200bEnglish / Russian

Control buttons switch CapsLock On / Off

Open, edit, save text files

Do not use * .dll

New - create a new text file in .txt format

Open - Opening text files in .txt format

Save - save text files in .txt format


Collapse - Collapses program

Switching languages \u200b\u200bEnglish / Russian

English - English

Russian - Russian

Control buttons switch CapsLock On / Off

CapsLock On - Enables the key CapsLock

CapsLock CapsLock Off - Turns off CapsLock key


Exit - Exit

Operating Systems

Microsoft Windows 95

Microsoft Windows 98 Home

Microsoft Windows XP

Microsoft Windows Vista


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