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$10 the discount is 20%
By purchasing this product you receive guaranteed access to your ad placement within one month in all sections of the popular search catalogs WWW.SORTER.RU (your ad or your commercial advertisements during the month will see about 520 000 visitors). Currently, the product has a special price.

This product is a text information in the following format: LOGIN ######## PASSWORD ######. This information, together with the text of your ad you will need to send an e-mail Moderator search directory. Enter the text of your ad (ad title and content of ads) you should see ads on search directory WWW.SORTER.RU

This product sells large Moscow advertising agency. Therefore, in the case of any difficulty, you always have the opportunity to get any advice MAIL@IRM.RU email or call (095) 283 - 8919 In repeated purchases provided discounts.
Popular search directory WWW.SORTER.RU one of the seven major search directories of the Russian part of the Internet. The total number of visitors to the directory (all sections and pages of search results) for the day - an average of 18 000 visitors (on average during the month 520,000 visitors).

Locations of visitors to the directory: Moscow - 36%; Saint - Petersburg - 8%; Foreign countries - 22%; Other cities of Russia - 34% (of which the following are the most active regions of descending Sverdlovsk reg., Novosibirsk reg., Samara region., Krasnodar, Irkutsk region., Tyumen region.).

Separately, we draw your attention that the publication of the ad is not allowed is not decent content and contrary to the Civil Code. If however you wish to place such an announcement, you will be refunded your payment will be denied writing ads.


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