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"Economic wisdom of life: everything is new it is sewn from old" - says Shakespeare. Almost all of what you read in this book known to man since ancient times. And not only known, but also successfully applied to them in life. Unfortunately, a number of objective and subjective reasons, put the doctrine of bioenergy opportunities in the category of mystical person. It was only very recently in the Soviet press began to appear, publications on this topic.

In the present book attempts to explain in simple terms the attention on bioenergy in the context of a practical approach to the issue. It aims to help people who want to a great extent capture capabilities of the organism, his psyche, his biofield in order to strengthen their own health and to help the families and friends affected by a wide variety of diseases and in need of assistance psychic.

Only a few people can be called traditional healers with an innate sense of his gift. Most healers who use as a "tool" their bioenergetics, came to this through hard work and self-improvement.

Every person is a carrier of the biofield, but not all are able to manage it, benefiting themselves and others. Information that will get the reader of this book will allow a deeper understanding of themselves, to develop the ability to determine and treat some diseases.

It should be noted that it is important to observe the sequence of reading, as the information contained in each subsequent chapter, based on the contents of the previous ones. Just understand and master one position, you can move on to the next.

So try to be psychic ...

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