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The following icons are located next to the name of the script means:

[Eng-rus] - installation instructions translated from English.

[Rus] - instruction in Russian.

[Eng] - instruction in English.

[] - No instructions or is not required.

1. Horizontal dropdown menu submenu

2 pull-down menu

3. Drako Search

Simple, but very nimble site search. It supports fast change of design.

4. CNSearch [eng-rus]

The search engine for your site. The main feature - is easily installed on any server, including complimentary. You can search for HTML, TXT, RTF and DOC files. The system consists of two totally independent parts - an indexer and frontend. Each part can be run on different machines with different operating system's. Index size is practically unlimited.

5. Revved Search [eng-rus]

A good looking, not only displays links to pages where there were coincidences, but a brief comment to each link.

6. RiSearch [eng-rus]

Simple but powerful script designed to organize search webserver.

7. Search

Simple, easy-to-install site search.

8. StrSearch 1.0 [rus]

Highlight found lines with bold search in subdirectories, selection of directories to search.

9. Powerful text search [eng]

Provides search in two ways: alphabetically, and logical. Easy setup.

10. Anketa 2.0 [rus]

This form will help you to carry out a survey of visitors to your web page. There is no problem with the Russian kodirovkoy.Dobavleny following functions: checking the required fields, check E-mail addresses, automatic substitution of data into a form that has already been entered by the user before, an unsuccessful query and return to the adjustment data polzovatelya.Ochen easy setup and installation program.

11. k.Mail Form v3.0 3.0

Just a good mail form. Has a "mountain", features!

Features / Bonus: + Nice design.

+ Fast work.

+ Along with the message you have more and IP address of the sender, even if he (she) work behind a proxy server.

+ More than one Joker can not enter in the field "Name", 999 characters, the program automatically truncates extra characters.

The number of characters in each field you can change to your liking. Circumcision happens :) characters by using the .php (substr), which ensures complete reliability as opposed to .html inspection team (maxlength = "x").

+ Automatic conversion of the messages encoding Koi8 - r In Windows - 1251 or back to your taste.

+ Remove extra spaces at the beginning and end of lines.

12. Mcs_Post 1.0 [rus]

Otpralenie letters directly from the site

After sending a message

13. m-Send 1.0 [rus]

The simplest form of dispatch.

14. ParkerMail 1.00 [rus]

The script is a series of forms - mail. Has the most necessary and interesting features found in programs of this kind is rare, for example, the module administratirovaniya.


- Check for correct filling of all fields;

- Protection against flooding (rampant sending identical messages);

- Module Administrator

- Ability to view a log of sent messages;

- The ability to selectively clear the log messages.
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