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This book is an introduction and guide to the country, known as Neuro-Linguistic Programming, or NLP for short. NLP - the art and science of perfection, the result of research on how prominent people in various fields have achieved their outstanding results. These communicative skills can be mastered by anyone who wants to enhance their personal and professional effectiveness.

This book describes the various models of excellence that NLP has built in communication, business, education, and therapy. Our approach is practical, it brings results and influence in various spheres of human activity.

Treat this book as a bridge that allows you to explore new territory and continue to a fascinating journey through life. It is inherent to the authors of the book understanding of NLP is not intended to define or position of the official version. This version never will - by the very nature of NLP. This is just an introduction, and we had a wide choice of what to include and what not. Polukniga - just one of many possible ways to organize the material.


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