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"All of you - great divine beings, you only need to remember this. Six billion gods have forgotten that they are - the gods. Wake up, people of Earth! Pour the Family of Light consciously. Time for change is coming" ...

Pleiadians, dictated this book Barbara Marciniak, you are already familiar from books, "Bringers of the Dawn" and "Earth: Pleiadian Keys to the Living Library." The new, and probably his last transmission, they call and teach us how to recognize themselves in this incredible, rare in the history of the universe time - the time in which we now dwell, and which will end in 2012.


It depends only on us. A whole universe is now divided into three parts - those who help us to wake up - members of the Family of Light, those who just watch, and those who let us in our development - Family of Darkness.

But the choice can only do ourselves.

# Preface

# Preface Pleiadians

1. Reality exists as a mirror

# 2. Time Portals

3. The Game of Life #

# 4. Your great heritage

# 5. Peaks fate

# 6. All this is not quite as it may seem

# 7. Empire mind

# 8. Family of Darkness

# 9. gift that await Gods

# 10. Legends of the Cosmos

# 11. Gods hid their property

# 12 Go on Creator

# 13 Star Time

# Afterword

# About the Author
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