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This lecture is focused on. having to ordinary perception, including for pre-knowledge of fine structures to be able, through the element of knowledge, have the raw data. Of course, it takes into account the level of each individual and the level of audiences.

The first - it will be a primary form of information about the geometry. I see an external event, including the future as a form of information. Elements addition forms are intertwined, as a kind of mosaic, on the structure of DNA. Carefully examining the protein form of organization of matter (for example, the structure of DNA) and non-protein, such as a stone, we can derive the law that reflected the protein forms a kind of vibrations of the crystal structure, such as stone (non-protein form). That is, the oscillations of the medium of inanimate form of matter, from the point of view of the person. Although it is conditional. Many people have the "right" are aware of the world. "Right" is conditional, since the points of view are different. I assume the orthodox definition of living and nonliving. I specifically restrict certain field of information into simple forms for quick understanding, without reducing their information. This is due to the orthodox understanding, currently identified in secondary schools, colleges and other educational institutions. So some introduced me concepts take into account the current level of perception in associative form. But at the level of the spirit of any clear, as regards the salvation of all.

Second - I give knowledge on the level of knowledge of the Spirit. I immediately note the law of the radiation of the crystal structure of inanimate matter has a vibration form of information comparable to the vibration form of information emitted by living creatures. Therefore, you must go to the determination that there is a living being and inanimate matter. In this control system such thing exists. In managing the environment and, especially, there is a concept ahead of controlling external volume of information, which defines only the interaction with certain reactive environment. And the speed control system is determined by the degree of reaction. For example, if you watch future developments and consider them as a kind of geometric designs, it is clear that the structure can be disassembled for some elements. When there is an analysis of events or creating designs, you can find that you can do at the level of consciousness now to design was adequate. For ihchecheniya diseases task is to reconstruct the information in the design of the disease and health information. Examining specific examples of health recovery through transfer of information in the form, you should immediately generalize the result to cure any disease. Since the principles for transfer into molds can build any particular method of control events, healing, including any disease.


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