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With this script you can look at any website through the eyes of a robot search engine (search engine). Script features allow optimal SEO masters use the data to improve the handling of your site by search engines.


These site through the eyes of search engines. Displaying the HTML code, the size of the source code in KB, meta tags, the number and weight of the (quality of) the words on the page, relevant keywords, links, and more.

Search engine spider simulator

With this search engine spider script you will be able to take a look at your site with the eyes of a search engine spider. It is very helpful to see what the search engines can read and what not and in which order as this is relevant for the SEO.

Script features:

Displays how search engine spiders see your website, website's meta tags and the total size in kb, number of words and number of distinct words on the page, keyword density of one, two and three keyword combinations, all links on the site, source code .
If your host does not support the script, the author is not responsible.

Requirements: PHP 4.1 version or higher. GD, outgoing connections.


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