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This highly profitable production technology of decorative artificial stone, specially adapted for use in the home and small business.

Products manufactured using this technology do not differ from the natural marble and the manufacturing costs are minimal and far below the market value of finished products. The technology can be used to establish their own business based on the production of bathtubs, sinks, toilets, bidet, window sills, countertops, decorative products for furniture, statues and fountains. It is possible to do in the home.

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General characteristics of the material

The range of decorative products

Properties of products from cast marble

A short note on the subject.


Fillers for cast marble.

Resin injection rock.

Codes resins.

Description / Application


Formulation mixtures.

Personal experience of manufacturing artificial marble:

Calculate the cost of:

Raw materials

Harakreristiki raw materials

Processing of acrylic plastic.

How to create a cast marble

Comparative price list for products made of artificial stone.


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