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10 Easy Steps To A Google

Video 1 - An Introduction To "On Page" Search Engine Optimization

Video 2 - How And Why To Move Your JavaScript To An External File

Video 3 - How Your File Size Can Effect Your Search Engine Efforts

Video 4 - How To Name Your Files With A Search Phrase In Mind

5 Video - How To Structure An Effective Tile Tag

Video 6 - How To Use The Meta "Keywords" Tag Effectively

Video 7 - How To Use The Meta "Description" Tag Effectively

Video 8 - How To Use The Heading Tag For Search Engine Optimization

Video 9 - How To Structure Your Main Page Content For The Search Engines

Video 10 - How To Check And Optimize Your Keyword Density

Video 11 - How To Optimize Your Graphics For The Search Engines

Video 12 - How To Structure Your Page Links With The Search Engines In Mind

Video 13 - How To Optimize Your Page Links With the "Title" Tag

Video 14 - How To Validate That Your HTML Is Ready For The Search Engines

Video 15 - How To Automatically Validate All The Links On Your Site

Video 16 - How To Avoid Common Search Engines Optimization P


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