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This encyclopedia is designed for a wide range of readers interested in the basics of massage and

machinery of various types of massage. Encyclopedia provides guidance needed to

site preparation masseur, introduces the types, forms and methods of massage.

Chapter "Hygienic massage" should interest everyone. It explains how

hold massage, restorative, or a massage, soothing after a stressful

working day. Useful information on the will and preventive massage, which will help

the reader to maintain their health. In this chapter, you can get acquainted with the technique

of self-massage, available to anyone.

* In the chapter "Massage Therapy" gives recommendations for a massage at the most

various diseases, and the head of the "sports massage" should be of interest to athletes and


Chapter "Face massage" is designed primarily for women. We hope that

cosmetic massage techniques using our ladies will be able to keep youth and

attractiveness for many years.

* The encyclopedia also a point of procedure, and Chinese massage, which

recently used with great success in the treatment of many diseases.

* For young parents in the encyclopedia includes a chapter "Massage first year of life", it makes recommendations for the massage and exercise for children. These recommendations

will help parents raise the baby healthy and harmonious development.

* Many of these types of massage based on the classical massage techniques.

Its methodology is described in detail in the chapter "Methods and techniques of

classic massage ".

All presented in a convenient shell. You can search.

+ Glossary 80,000 words.

+ Brief Russian-Latin and Latin-Russian Medical Dictionary.
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