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Do not pretend to be the truth, but nevertheless do not doubt that the monograph (volume 416 page book.) "Zhivotnovodstvu- complete feed" (cliche) and the title "Manufacture of feedstuffs and feed additives. Problems and solutions "will definitely keen interest among managers and specialists of enterprises of different ownership forms. Moreover, many of the technologies in feed production, will be doomed to rapid development in the production. The book summarizes the new methods and types of harvested forages and quite difficult psychologically processes of transition to the development of new advanced tehnologiy.proizvodstva rather than a highly forage harvesting Thoroughly disclosed specifics of production and the factors hindering the rapid introduction of technologies for the production of hay, the degree of risk in its procurement . Particular attention is paid to the production zernosenazha as one of the main ways of strengthening the fodder base of win-win, especially in feeding and in households with a level of productivity 4.0 -4.5 tons of milk per forage cow per year is available here .. uncovered all the benefits of the production of these types of feed, with the exception of losses, 100 percent use of biological crop. In addition it is the most cost deshovy for feed to labor costs 4-5 times less per 1 feed. u compared with the increase in the yield of grain and finished feed at the trough of the animal as compared to the grain in the 1.5 to 1.6-fold These technologies are all-weather, do not depend on the vagaries of nature, agrocnosises cleaned for 3-4 weeks before planting cultivated grain mass not requires wilting after harvesting field remains clean of trash and podseyannye under the cover of perennial grasses develop fine until the end of the growing season. When all stages of production technology, depending on the composition of raw materials feeding value zernosenazha is from 0.3 to 0.45 feed. units in 1 kg of feed, and palatability of 95 to 100% of the set in the trough.
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