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Multi-function scientific calculator
* Completely rewritten one of the components used, I hope,

now error messages when closing the program will not be.

+ Added a financial regime. 18 new features.

* In the balance mode is now possible to record the component argument

features that SFI function (10,000; m; 1965) can now be written in

form SFI (3000 + 3000 + 4000; m; 1965).

+ It is possible to change the settings of 18% VAT of 20%.

+ Custom Processing pressing Esc

+ Now the calculator may be included in the form in which it was switched off

(Eg. A compressed view, open bar, etc.). - Configurable.

* Slightly improved with interest.

* Various improvements in detail.

Version 2.04 ========= ========== 18.04.2004

* Some tuning parameters handed to external modules.

+ Ability to select multiple files from the recipe (for copying

text). By default, the program includes prescription files for Russian

and Ukrainian languages.

+ Ability to add rows to the date and time of the history of calculation

(Options \\ optional). On the back of the insert from the history display

it is not reflected.

* Now when the flag "preserve the history of computing"

history is stored in a file for each calculation. This history file

is not overwritten (saved the whole story of all time).

* Now the preservation of the history of a file and download the file at the beginning of the

carried on different parameters and not independent from each other (although

Of course, if history is not saved, then nothing will be loaded).

* Improved mechanism for solving equations.


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