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Six of the best exercises for pectoral muscles.

Well, I come on Monday and once again it is time the hall. We came into the room, and what we see? That's right - all bench for bench press busy hour ahead. Now what to do? (Personally, I would say - in the shower and go home, but Mr. Bobby Aldridge takes a different point of view ...)

The problem is that almost everyone wants to pump massive chest and almost all peak motivation falls on Monday. Hence - the queue for the bench press. But training the chest does not necessarily start with the bench press. This article will give you a decent set of exercises to bypass the queue, you do not need to wait for an hour or engage in group.

First, let's talk about reps and sets. The best way to gain weight - heavy basic exercises, so select 3-4- exercises and do them 1-2 to failure (or longer) for 6-10 repetitions. Next, we will discuss how to change your complex and thereby maintain a constant load on the muscles. Remember - the body adapts to the load very quickly, so you need to frequently change your program in any way. Well, and now - to the exercises.


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