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The "Accounting for sales of household radio" is used to account for various household radio.

Such a program can also be used not only to take account of sales of household radio equipment, but also for the treatment of goods in the warehouse, inventory of equipment at the plant.

Functionality of the program taking into account the sales of radio:

- Add, edit, delete types of products in the directory (for example: computers, motherboards, etc.);

- Add, edit, delete customers in the directory;

- Adding, editing, deleting goods;

- Sale of goods for added customers in advance;

- Creating reports on the goods and make purchases.

Programming Language: Delphi

Tags: accounting of goods in the warehouse, keeping the equipment at the plant.

The content of the archive to the goods, "Accounting for sales of household radio":

- Source code for delphi 7;

Compiled programs including sales of household radio can be downloaded here:


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