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Formation of ecological culture of the person of the future teacher in the educational process at the university

Publication type: Diss. ... Kand.ped.nauk

Year: 2002

Format: PDF

Volume: 179 p.

Speciality: 13.00.01


In today's world, environmental issues have a global reach. They affect the foundations of civilization and largely determine the possibility of the survival of humanity. Considering the system "man - society - nature" a growing number of researchers are inclined to think that a certain type of historically developed relations of man to nature is the basis of civilization, he also expresses its specificity (F.I.Girenok). On this basis, we can assume that the environmental culture within the cultural whole, as it were "making the cut" civilization such as environmental relations. Based on the works of Russian philosophers cosmism, it should be noted that the relationship to nature and have the attitude to himself, to his inner nature, moral attitude toward others (V. Soloviev, N.F.Fedorov, Berdyaev). It's time to explore the unity of external nature and man's inner world, as an open system. At the present stage of science are considered two approaches to solving environmental problems: - Technology reformism without substantially affecting the social institutions, and - "profound social change", by which is meant "change of values", the transformation of world view, alteration of consciousness (SP Bankovskaya). The second approach solutions to environmental problems can be considered as a problem of psychological and pedagogical (V.A.Yasvin, S.D.Deryabo).

The difficulty of this approach is that teachers in their work focused primarily on the creation of knowledge that make up the picture of the world of students. At the same time, sensually shaped component of this painting remains undervalued by them and therefore not sufficiently included in the teaching and learning process. Traditional formation conditions affecting the process of formation of ecological culture of the person of the future teacher is not able to provide the necessary level of development. You can only talk about individual cases, lead to the formation of ecological culture of the identity of particular persons level of development of mass environmental culture.

Despite the development of a system of environmental education and training, new fundamental research in this area, the problems remain the same:

change problem anthropocentric image of nature, which was formed in the course of historical development of human rights;

the problem of underestimating the sensually shaped perception of reality as personally significant experience of the subject, as sensuously painted informative material is the original basis for the formation of the personality worldview and is capable of understanding the course of personal and social experiences generate beliefs that find their realization in activity.

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