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Strengthen sexual potential, improve the sensitivity and sexual function will help erotic massage. This type of massage makes a variety of intimate life. It is suitable for everybody, regardless of any factors.

The aim of erotic massage is to create the best conditions for the enjoyment and excitement. The natural conclusion of the massage will be sexually violent orgasm.

To massage has maximum impact, we need complete relaxation and trust each partner. It is better to tell the most sensitive centers, but it is possible and to find them by gentle caresses different parts of the skin, and watching the response. Due to the nerves and blood vessels, with which is provided with abundant palm erogenous zones respond to stroking and contribute to the achievement of orgasm.

The main objective of massage is sexual stimulation. Both partners need to be nervous. Therefore, the impact is not only hands, but other parts of the body. The nervous system will give the skin touching the genitals. Strong excitation is achieved through gentle stroking touching parts of the body such as the genitals, breasts, hips.

Erotic massage is a nice way to express their mutual love of a partner. It occupies one of the most important positions among the arts of love. Being the best method of relaxation of the body, for both partners, it is also a way to establish a strong connection with the person.

A great way to raise the tone and superb chance to learn a loved one know his erogenous zones and the most sensitive places of intimacy is sexy massage. It has to be mutual, as well as any love game. In an atmosphere of intimacy to massage there is no written rules and guidelines. The main function is given to intuition, guided only by her and with the full trust and achieved an excellent result. With illegible sounds and breathing, you can specify the partner places, caress and massage are most enjoyable. Verbal instructions are undesirable, as they may have the opposite effect. They are only permitted to know each other's partners, and by mutual consent.

The erotic massage is the observance of the main principles - an equal distribution of the forces to the body no rupture of balance. We should not forget about other parts of the body, stimulating the only one. As well as massaging the body with one hand, you should always bear in mind the sensitive nerve endings of the other. This balance will lead to the delight of both lovers.

The depth of the impact of massage may vary from the simple stroking his fingertips to a strong muscular pressure. The effectiveness of the formula is: sincere trust a man who does massage plus a fluency and understanding of the purpose, the person who makes the massage.

Relaxing massage and healing effect will. If you apply it at the beginning of a love game, he is the best of the day will remove the accumulated negative.


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