Nuclei, particles, nuclear reactors

In the book, the French scientist outlines the basic physical concepts underlying modern nuclear physics, elementary particle physics and nuclear reactors. The...
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Power equipment industry. Tutorial.

The main provisions of technical thermodynamics and heat transfer theory, considered cycles of thermal machines and systems, as well as the device, principle...
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Elementary Electrical Engineering. Pasechnik. (1954)

This book is intended for electricians involved in the construction and maintenance of power plants, experts in electric welding, provide remote control...
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Elementary thermodynamics. Haar. (1968)

The book contains a simple statement of the course of thermodynamics and some of its applications. The difference between this book from other courses of...
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Electrical Group V. 2016 - questions and answers

1113 questions and answers on electrical safety at the V Group to pass certification in Rostekhnadzor. Tickets 2016. Theme 1. Rules Electrical Installations...
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Economic electric heating

The device is designed to supply domestic consumers alternating current. Rated voltage 220 V, power consumption 1 kW. The use of other elements can be used to...
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What is the protective earth and how to organize

Library electrician MR Neufeld Protective grounding network with isolating neutral Earthing connection The voltage step-Contact voltage Protective...
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что такое заземление и защитные меры безопасности

как работает сеть 3-х фазного тока семь защитных мер безопасности что такое заземление заземляющее устройство о напряжении шага в каких случаях требуется...
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you need to know about voltage regulation

Network parameters and consumption the issue of improving the voltage ways and means of voltage regulation selection of the most favorable ratio of...
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Passenger train Moscow - Kiev gradually moved away from the capital of the apron. It was Sunday evening. And at the station and on the platform, and in the...
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«Утконос» – уникальный проект компании «Новый Импульс», сочетающий в себе оригинальную идею владель- ца бизнеса, высокие технологии, лучшие мировые практики и...
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Unique, easy to manufacture, oven for heating.

You are invited to the description, the drawing attached, is very convenient to use and easy to build a furnace. To burn in the furnace can be used as sawdust...
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The turbines of thermal and nuclear power plants

Fundamentals of thermal process steam and gas turbines, discussed procedures for the selection and design of thermal calculation. The different types of...
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Three-phase induction motor in single-phase circuit VC

Three-phase induction motor basic technical data Work on the three-phase induction motor single-phase current capacitor motor Capacitors electrical...
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Model calculations of electrical equipment

Model calculations of electric, VI Dyakov, 1991. Calculation of electric machines of direct and alternating current, transformers, coils, heating appliances...
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Thermal power plants power plants

The foundations of the theory of thermal and nuclear power, and methods to improve their efficiency and maneuverability. It provides basic information about...
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Thermal power plants. Lecture notes.

In the abstract revealed the following topics: regenerative heating of feed water to the power station, remote cooling steam, construction of regenerative...
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Thermal engines

The book deals with problems of the theory of thermal processes of steam, gas turbines and internal combustion engines, the general concepts of thermal power...
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Thermal energy Rostekhnadzor 2016

Thermal energy Rostekhnadzor 2016 Answered Questions THEME 1 GENERAL REQUIREMENTS Who, in accordance with the Federal Law of 27.07.2010 N 190-FZ "On Heat...
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Selection tables section of winding wire

Vtablitsah provides data for a set of cross sections of the two conductor wires and Bole dugogo section. Need for people engaged in repair electromotor
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circuit switching electrical appliances

General Requirements items Installation of electrical appliances circuit switching DC ammeter circuit switching AC ammeters switching circuits volmetrov...
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The control circuit of the pump with auto start after t

The control circuit of the pump with auto start after the appearance of voltage. Presents a schematic diagram and wiring diagram of electrical devices.
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