Safety concept "leak before failure"

Summarizes the theoretical and experimental research results and practical experience related to the application of the concept of "leak before...
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Repair of steam turbines

The content, layout and presentation of the material in the previous editions of the book were successful for the assimilation and use for repair; such a...
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Thermal engines

The book deals with problems of the theory of thermal processes of steam, gas turbines and internal combustion engines, the general concepts of thermal power...
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The turbines of thermal and nuclear power plants

Fundamentals of thermal process steam and gas turbines, discussed procedures for the selection and design of thermal calculation. The different types of...
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Electrical Group V. 2016 - questions and answers

1113 questions and answers on electrical safety at the V Group to pass certification in Rostekhnadzor. Tickets 2016. Theme 1. Rules Electrical Installations...
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Thermal energy Rostekhnadzor 2016

Thermal energy Rostekhnadzor 2016 Answered Questions THEME 1 GENERAL REQUIREMENTS Who, in accordance with the Federal Law of 27.07.2010 N 190-FZ "On Heat...
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Elementary thermodynamics. Haar. (1968)

The book contains a simple statement of the course of thermodynamics and some of its applications. The difference between this book from other courses of...
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Elementary Electrical Engineering. Pasechnik. (1954)

This book is intended for electricians involved in the construction and maintenance of power plants, experts in electric welding, provide remote control...
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Hypothesis or reality ?!

This series of books is written for realists and practitioners, fans of scientific and popular publications. The described phenomena with fantasy have nothing...
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Instructions for servicing and diagnostics of stabilize

Instruction on maintenance and diagnostics of electromechanical voltage regulators of the type LEVEL, Shield, Resanta, ZTY, Sven and the like. Methods of...
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Individual solar installations

In a simple and accessible form, the principles of using solar energy converted into heat, electricity and other forms of energy are explained. The types of...
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The scheme of turning on of the pump via the frequency

Control unit connection scheme: Power supply assembly - SB-19 frequency converter - electric receiver. Control only local from the console. Without issuing...
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The inclusion of current relay RTZE-250 in the control

The inclusion of the current relay РТЗЭ-250 in the control circuit and protection of the pump or other electrical receiver.  
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The control circuit of the pump with auto start after t

The control circuit of the pump with auto start after the appearance of voltage. Presents a schematic diagram and wiring diagram of electrical devices.
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The scheme of reducing the speed of the bridge crane in

Proposal to limit the speed of the bridge crane when approaching the marginal zone of the shop. With asynchronous motors with a phase rotor. Near the parking...
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Rotoverter RAGEN (design Guide)

This material is used for electro-mechanical generation of electricity according to the ROTOVERTER formula for the participants of the Source project. The...
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Reconstruction project of 110 kV substation "Zapadnaya"

Diplom. Reconstruction project of 110 kV substation "Zapadnaya"
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ROTOVERTER. A GUIDE for a teapot.

If you have already come here, then you are interested in this topic. First of all, I want to warn you that the materials are not journalism, this is a...
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