Holidays & celebrations

In anticipation of the winter holidays useful

Soon will come the New Year holidays, and you're still not ready for them. The closer their time, the more of experiencing the excitement at the thought...
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Pyrotechnics. The art of making fireworks

Russian Language Format: DJVU Pages: 157
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Новогодний сюрприз-сказака

You are invited to a New Year's guests? You do not know how to entertain a good company? Christmas story, do not need to learn the role. Leading reads the...
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New Year's surprise-skazaka "Watercolours"

You are invited to a New Year's guests? You do not know how to entertain a good company? Christmas Tale "Watercolours", do not need to learn the...
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New Year's surprise-tale "Cuckoo Clock"

You are invited to a New Year's guests? You do not know how to entertain a good company? Christmas Tale "Cuckoo Clock", do not need to learn the...
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secrets toastmaster

toasts, greetings, rituals before you a unique collection of witty toasts, anecdotes, rhymes, jokes, rozygryshey- short, everything that is designed to turn...
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СТАНЬТЕ ЗВЕЗДАЙ ВЕЧЕРИНОК! Если ВЫ хотите всегда БЫТЬ В ЦЕНТРЕ ВНИМАНИЯ своих друзей и знакомых, то эта книга для вас! Описяния 110! фокусов с подробной...
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Collection of 111 Caucasian toasts

In this book you will find toast for all occasions.
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Drinking Book ...

ТОСТЫ Свадебные тосты Тосты-пожелания за счастье и здоровья Поздравления и тосты за женщин Поздравления и тосты за настоящих мужчин и друзей Праздничные и...
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Bulk Christmas card

Оригинальный подарок своими руками. Распечатай, вырежи и склей.
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Застольная книга

Застольная книга. Тосты. Застольные песни. Народный фольклор.
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Congratulations, the scenario of holidays, toast and wishes

Here you can find a variety of congratulations, toasts and scenarios for any holiday!
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Collection of congratulations and toasts

Поздравления и тосты на различные темы. Любимой, маме, бабушке, коллеге, 8 Марта, Шуточные, сценарии признаков и весёлые тосты.
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address of the page professional director and videooperatora.Esli you need to capture video for corporate, wedding and so on., you will find what you need
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Congratulations to the chef on his birthday

Congratulatory poem. Congratulations CHEF HAPPY BIRTHDAY! CONGRATULATIONS TO HEAD HAPPY BIRTHDAY Congratulations to the boss, or supervisor CHEF HAPPY...
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The book contains 39 volume on the number of questions (50 or more) entertaining and educational quizzes that can be used in the classroom and in the...
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Kunelle Tabyn - zip (pdf, exe, rtf - lat / tat)

Tatar toast holiday scenario. Toasts, poems and songs for the holidays, a wedding script, the script for anniversaries, parties, concerts - all in the Tatar...
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New Year. Holiday home. Scripts, jokes, jokes

Tips on organizing and conducting house parties, as well as various scenarios in which you will be able to organize and celebrate with the kids and adults fun...

Meet New 2024

Scenarios of the New Year 2010 Meet New 2010 Scripts New Year´s Eve, contests, humorous list of awards and so on.

Program Cooking for vegetarians

Vegetarianism is the foundation of a healthy diet with the Vedic point zreniya.Upotreblenie meat increases the likelihood of cancer and cardiovascular disease...
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Postcards March 8

A set of 52 original postcards times SSSR.Vy can congratulate beloved or add to your collection
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Marat Kabirov KҮҢELLE Tabyn

KҮҢELLE Tabyn yaki Tatars telendә tostlar, kotlaular, bәyrәmnәr, tөrle tamashalar һәm tui stsenariylary, kүңelle uennar, kөldergech-mәzәklәr, җyrlar, mәhәbbәt...
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