Golden Section Notes. Excellent program for managing information on your computer

Save your nerves, time and money! Golden Section Notes is a compact and easy-to-use notebook book capable of storing various textual and graphical...
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StickNote 1.0

StickNote is the original date notebook. She knows how to stick to your mouse, so you never lose it. The original interface. It is very convenient to use.
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Electronic notebook GSNotesRu

Electronic notebook: Formation of the structure of the notebook. Import / export data. Search, Calendar, fonts, settings Print.
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The license file for unrestricted use of the program Knowledge Base

The license for the unlimited use of the program "Knowledge Base", allows you to work with any version of the program. Together with the license file...
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Universal cataloger Bibliophile 1.61

Bibliophile 1.061 - programs catalogers your electronic resources or URL links. Full-text search in TXT, HTML, DOC files. Maintenance of an inventory of...
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BolshoyTUDU - It TODO, from the usual TODO BolshoyTUDU different than here: Ability to synchronize across multiple computers Huge comfortable letters...
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Notebook, reminder, scheduler, very easy

Scheduler, reminder, organizer for Windows, allowing you to create electronic sticky notes and display them at the right time. The program allows you to...
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Notebook V1.44

Where do you store phone numbers, addresses, secret passwords, websites .. Where do you record your thoughts and debtors, cases of calculations At random and...
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notebook allows you to store the following information about contacts: name, phone numbers, addresses, internet connection and more. Supports import * .CSV...
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The most convenient daily

The most convenient and easy to understand daily
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