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This program is designed for recording and calculating the cost of goods (services) supplied by outside organizations on a temporary basis
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Parallaxis Cuckoo Clock - the most beautiful and diverse watch on your computer screen.

Cuckoo Clock - one of the most beautiful and diverse programs that you've ever seen on the screen of your monitor. Cuckoo Clock - subtly change your...
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Reminder. It has some useful features, convenient and easy to use
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Alarm clock-reminder

Clock: digital Alarm Clock: 10 separate alarm clock with graphic warning and / or download the programs. Reminder: 10 individual napominalok with the...
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Hours Masjani: ape, laughing, smoking and just fooling around, even during shows

And in Africa Masyanya - Masyanya Instead of pipes and worldwide Vindous litsezrim 12 wonderful oval Face and they litsezryat us over anyone who laughs?
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The clock on the screen shows the time, day and date. The specified time can display text, run a program, play music.
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Watch Service

Alarm clock, voice playback time job scheduler
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Small calendar

Small desktop calendar. Sort by events: birthdays, holidays, etc.
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UNIQUE ALARM WakeMeUp! Look inside

I'm sure you've seen a lot of different programs, alarm clocks, each of which the assurances the creators were able to meet all your needs as much...

Look how many runs Windows

Program that shows how much time has passed since the loading Windows, looks like a normal window in which zhirym font ticking time shows even days For...
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Clock 2.0

This alarm clock with MP3. User-friendly and beautiful interface. You can select a signal from the wav and mp3 files. Also included is the ability to...

Hurakan v1.02

Устанавливает часы на рабочем столе с возможностью изменения местоположения,цвета фона часов и изменения шрифта и цвета цифр; Будильник запускает файлы по...
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The program is for all occasions

The program includes a calendar, reminder of the events scheduler, alarm clock, several goroskopozodiakov, biorhythms, stopwatch, Mini Player, cuckoo clock...
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Calendar without macros in Excel (3 types) at a reduced tse

Calendars for any year! Without the use of macros! It is enough to enter a desired year and the calendar will be generated automatically. On each sheet of...
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Attention - reminder

Attention - it is the best to date and very comfortable "reminders" (also can act as a "notebook", calendar, diary, etc.), in the form to...
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Very functional calendars on your desktop. Russification, many settings. adjustable transparency.
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Time synchronizer

A very useful program to work under of Windows. Time Sync - a simple utility to synchronize the internal clock of the computer through a server on the...
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LAVClock - astrological clock

LAVClock - multifunctional astrological clock, greatly extending the possibilities of standard clock Windows. Flexible and transparent system of settings...
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Timer v2.9

Everyone knows that a continuous seat at the computer greatly impairs vision, but few listen to the advice of doctors to do 15 minute break every 45 minutes...
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Guardian Eye

While working at the computer, our eyes very tense, which negatively affects our vision. Often the eyes get tired so much that when we deviate from the...
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Quick and convenient alarm clock, a reminder of the challenges ahead. The program must specify the start time of an important event, select a sound file which...
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Replacing the standard hours

Watch with a calendar with a nice interface
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