rate: Field ratings for AdsManager

Plug-rate allows you to create fields with a rating of five stars. Voting takes place through ajax (without reloading the page), you can vote only if you add...
 5  1 G. Rinat 0

mfield: Associated / dependent fields for AdsManager 2.5

The plugin allows you to create dependencies in a list format select, which, depending on the previously selected options are displayed as follows. In the...
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interpaid: plug-paid billing but by Interkassa

The plugin allows for interpaid paid features for use with billing AdsManager Interkassa, Accept payments through WebMoney, Yandex.Money, SMS, credit cards and...
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Plug-in for receiving funds through PaidSystem Interkas

The plugin allows you to organize the reception of funds through PaidSystem Interkassa. Installed by extension joomla. Instructions and settings are displayed...
 5 G. Rinat 0 script universal boards

Universal board All categories and parameters are set For parameter can define lists of substitutions with ready settings Setting a field as numeric, text...
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Classified ads script for any design

Script "Bulletin board" for the sale, purchase, exchange something with the possibility of unlimited levels of sections and subsections, there is a...
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Скрипт доски объявлений о недвижимости.

Отличный скрипт агентства недвижимости. Много возможностей. Демо:
ex1sten 0

The base of announcements in 2012-2013 to the board jokerboard 3

The database format sql to a bulletin board jboard 3, more than 10,000 Ukrainian ads 2012-2013. In a few minutes we get ready filled board. Here is an example...
 1  2 AlexGaleta 0

Flash blog

Features of the script: Quick and easy installation and configuration. Easy to change the design. For each user diaries created photos that are comfortable...
Нафтизин 0

Plug-in for payment Invoicing through Interkassa

The plugin allows you to organize the reception of funds through Invoicing * Interkassa. With this plugin you will be able to automatically take users to pay...
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The script boards

«Microscript Board» - a product that allows you to organize your own bulletin board and make a different toll privileges to the users in a fully automatic...
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The script boards

Opportunities 1) Organize a complete bulletin board 2) user account 3) Adding ads to users 4) Edit ads by user 5) Regional override ads 6) See ads...
evgench 0

Script message board script-ks.4.2.1

Script classified ads script-ks.4.2.1 Buy from developer, sell at an affordable price to recapture their costs. Success! Script features - UTF-8 - The script...
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Доска объявлений строительной тематики

Доска объявлений строительной тематики, делали для строительного проекта. Создание категорий и подкатегорий каталога объектов Просмотр, редактирование и...
evgench 0

Скрипт Доски объявлений по недвижимости Лицензия

Предлагаю вашему вниманию специальную CMS для создания порталов-сайтов с объявлениями по недвижимости. Данная система отлично подходит для риэлторских агентств...
hotwheels 0

Plug-in for payment Invoicing through SMSCoin

The plugin allows you to organize the reception of funds Invoicing * via SMS billing SMSCoin. With this plugin you will be able to automatically take users to...
G. Rinat 0

Site listings with paid services

Possibility of a limited number of places are not the categories, subcategories and output forms for entering ad examples: Jobs - Vacancies - http...
iGuru 0

Bulletin board

The script boards on Drupal has a modern design, the code is written in HTML5 and CSS3 and is compatible with (Ipad, Iphone, Android). It is extremely easy to...
SergeyVIP 0

Guestbook for the site (Z_Guestbook v1.0)

A simple guest book on PHP + MySQL (open-source). Easy administration panel allows you to delete a specific record, edit, and completely clean all guestbook... 0

Base 40 boards on jokerboard

40 boards on the engine jokerboard
type sar 0


MirMastera форум написан специально для данного сайта и не был распространен , подарен и т.п, форум частично не дописан, а именно по админке не хватает...
 1 Gavrilenko E.P. 0

QPLBOARD NULLED - Bulletin board

QPLBoard is a professional script Bulletin Board, which can be easily customized in 30 minutes. The uniqueness of the script classifieds is the ability to set... 0

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