html - CODE: Clock revolving around a number, day of the week, month and year-run of the mouse arrow.

HTML - code (script) for placing on the WEB-page: Watches with a second hand around them ROTATE name of the month, day of week, day, year. Moves beyond the...
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Author's project. Simple to set up and highly effective engine virtulnogo tour. Supported on the pan 360 and 180 degrees. Each punkut The archive project...
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CreateForm - the scripting to dynamically create forms on the site

The program dynamically creates a form on the website of the template files. Using it is easy to create your website registration form, enter the protected...
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Great script! All in one! Forum, Shop, News, gallery, blog and much more only 14 Author.

Are you tired fasten to your site new scripts? Your users complain about the new accounts registered in the forum, shop, guestbook? Then this is for you...
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Flash sites.

Four magnificent tested in the flesh-site. Available all the source code, Using a text editor and Notepad are editing a text document that you need to run and...
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Q_form - the scripting in PHP to dynamically create forms of parameters passed.

Q_form.PHP program dynamically creates the form of the parameters passed Creates a link to a file with the following parameters: For example... 0

Sending form to email, multiple fields, there are check boxes, the regrowth of the needs of the customer within 1

множество полей, имеются чек-боксы, подгон под нужды заказчика в течении 1 дня, сам скрипт на PHP.

WR-Subscribe - subscriptions and mailing script

WR-Subscribe allows you to create your site newsletter any information (news, anecdotes, links to programs, ads Site)
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WR-Anekdot - - - INCIDENTAL Joke

Here is a script which forms on your site a random anecdote. Use the script can be for the formation of the column of jokes on any site, or as a separate...
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Power output of a random file Spaiz-Nuke 1.4

Power output of a random file Spaiz-Nuke 1.4. Displays in a separate block random file and description of him from the section Downloads. Checks on Spaiz-Nuke...
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Block display the full volume of files to the Downloads Spaiz-Nuke 1.4

Block display the full volume of files to the Downloads Spaiz-Nuke 1.4. Displays in a separate section the total volume of all files included in the Downloads...
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Mobile News Grabber v1.2 - Граббер новостей мобильной т

Если Вы являетесь владельцем сайта мобильной тематики, то свежие новости о мобильных телефонах, сотовых операторах Вашему сайту не помешают. Каждодневное...
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Musical skin for Dle

Musical skin for engine Data Life engine.
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Several slide shows on your site

The script allows you to create your web-page at a time up to 999 independent slideshow. Each slide show can be operated in one of two modes: - Automatically...
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Guestbook php mysql

Guest book is very convenient and easy to use. You do not need to configure anything, everything is already set up. All that is necessary - to upload files to...
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Hit counters PHPShow

Что это такое и для чего предназначено. Этот скрипт предназначен для удобства навигации и изменения дизайна сайта. Если Вам до этого приходилось при изменении...
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FAQ + v1.0 + BONUS

FAQ + v1.0 - a very powerful FAQ system, which is done using PHP and MySQL. 1.0 Features - MySQL - Category - By category - Questions - Answers on...
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164 русских Java-скрипта на любой вкус любой сложности

Русские и русифицированные скрипты на любой вкус. Все рабочие. Разделены на несколько категорий. Такой коллекции по такой цене Вы больше нигде не найдете! В...
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MsAgent JavaScript (RUS)

Good, nice and helpful wizard Merlin to win the trust and respect of your potential customers and make them return to the site again and again! No matter what...
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Архив включает в себя огромный сборник разнообразных менюшек для создания сайтов любого направления. В архиве содержится: - набор из 100 менюшек, написанных...
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The script dating

Скрипт знакомств позволяет размещать анкеты. Любой посетитель может просматривать их и отвечать по средствам встроенной системы отправлять сообщению...
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Программа телепередач ТВ(метровые и дециметровые)

Selling TV program script. Relevance to sites inside the LAN and with access to the Internet. Features: -rubit program with the restriction of...
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