The program for solving integer, netselochisl

The program is designed to solve the problems of integer, mixed-integer and noninteger programming. The program provides the following methods: 1. M-Method...
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The program for plotting functions parabolas, straight, module parabola and a sine wave.
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Regre 2.75

Программа "Regre" была создана для облегчения и автоматизации проведения множественного корреляционно-регрессионного анализа. Для выполнения этих...
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Gauss method

The program is easy to solve systems of linear equations by Gauss algebroicheskih (method of choosing the main element)
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Test and Measurement Materials exam in mathematics. Option 01.

Контрольно Измерительные Материалы ЕГЭ по математике. Вариант 01. Типовой вариант для проверки своей текущей подготовки, НЕ ДЕМОНСТРАЦИОННЫЙ ВАРИАНТ! К КИМу...
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Solving systems of linear equations

Решение СЛАУ методами: Гаусса, последовательных приближений, последовательной релаксации.
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SLAE by Gauss, 8 different programs, source code, description, theory

Solving systems of linear algebraic equations (Slough) by Gauss The package includes 8 programs such as: -solutions SLAE by Gauss -Search Inverse matrix by...
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Economic-mathematical model of optimal production program of the company

Экономико-математическая модель оптимального выпуска товаров А и В.
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Program for working with matrices + key

The program is written specifically to work with matrices, it features: Addition of two matrices Subtraction matrices Multiply matrix by the number...
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The solution of the transportation problem by minimum and maximum element

The program is designed for Delphi 7.0. Is a universal, as the support program can be of different dimensions. It shows a full response to all the iterations.
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Solving systems of linear equations of the simplex method.

The program is designed for Delphi 7.0. Lets count problems of any dimension, ie, You can specify any number of equations. Displays a complete solution, that...
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Matrix Determinant v1.0 (to calculate the determinant of a square matrix).

Matrix Determinant Program is designed for computing determinants integer square matrices (dimensions from 2x2 to 5x5), as well as square matrices containing...
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Real numbers

In this book disclosed some puzzles and philosophical questions that have plagued every mathematician faced in life when working with numbers.
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The transportation problem by the north-west corner.

The transportation problem by the north-west corner. Developed in Visual Basic
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The calculation of mathematical expressions

It is used to calculate mathematical expressions (trigonometric, hyperbolic, logarithmic functions, and standard mathematical operations). Enter expressions...
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Turing Machine (Visual Prolog 5.2)

Course work. Implemented a Turing machine on Visual Prolog 5.2. The archive contains the program (with source code) and report, as well as a help.
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program to create mathematical charts.
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Calculation of integrals on VBasic (software + report)

The program is developed in the environment Visual Basic 6.0, has an interactive graphical user interface that allows for user-defined screen borders the...
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Calculation of integrals on VBasic (program)

Программа разработана в среде Visual Basic 6.0, имеет интерактивный графический интерфейс, позволяющий по задаваемым пользователем с экрана границам интервала...
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Calculation of integrals (mat.algoritmy report and bend VBasic)

Подробный отчёт по программе, позволяющий по задаваемым пользователем с экрана границам интервала интегрирования и шагу разбиения, рассчитывать значение...
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The program Mathematica 5.1

Universal mathematical program / universal mathematical calculator The program is easy to learn, easier to Mathcad, Maple stable Great for home solutions...
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The program is drawing graphs of functions of one variable and finding the local extrema of the function. Terms of Use: The only field program you must enter...
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