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Easy telephone directory with the search function. It is written in VB.
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Know your ideal weight

The program for the calculation of own ideal weight, easy to use and visually. Compare your data!
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Eagle - Tails

Program Eagle - Tails replaces that throwing a coin for the adoption of any decision. The program has passed all tests with flying colors. Swing it will...
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Easy template for an envelope CD (Microsoft Word) + BONUS. Compact, fast, convenient

Practice has shown that the number of CDs in the several hundreds, store them in a standard plastic box is very uncomfortable, and they occupy a decent place...
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Convenient pattern envelope for CD (Corel Draw) + BONUS. Convenient, compact, fast

Practice has shown that the number of CDs in the several hundreds, store them in a standard plastic box is very uncomfortable, and they occupy a decent place...
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Archiver supports rare formats like BZIP2, TGZ Much better compresses text data than WinRAR.
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Проверьте свой вес

Нормальный вес тела - понятие относительное. Это связано с тем, что существуют различные типы телосложения людей:астенический (худощавый, с длинными...
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Test Big Love or easy hobby

If you - a girl or a young woman, which is sometimes very difficult to sort out their feelings to the other person (the young man), then we hope that this...
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Emotion Bar Rus Change your mood

What it is? This is a unique technology that picks up the information in a way that as soon as possible bring you the emotions you want to experience today...
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Multifunctional Calendar

Calendar program for daily use
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Тайме для компьютера - SeR Timer v1.0.2.5

Описание:Маленькая , но очень нужная вещь! Простой таймер для вашего компьютера! Принцип работы: По истечению установленого времени компьтер выключится...
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Central-digit IMEI, numbers of bank cards and other.

The program determines the fidelity of a particular sequence of digits in accordance with the algorithm of the Moon. This sequence is entered by the user in...
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4 types of envelopes for CD and DVD (print engrave

4 types of envelopes for CD / DVD discs made in the Word After purchase you will need to: 1. raspechatatat drawn in Word templates envelopes 2. Cut 3. to...
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Shutdown Informator 1.0

I recommend the program to anyone who is sitting at the computer for a long time. I did it first for yourself, because I sit behind a computer all day, eyes...
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Guide to Chatham

It explains how to create a chat for free and fast
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Trial Access Auction Bot [ASI WIN AA]

Auction Bot - the best bot for the auction. - Avtoprinyatie mail - Setting dempa each lot - Simultaneous work with 5+ lots - Work with an infinite number of...
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You know the situation when you do not want your writing to anyone read? For example, personal letters, diaries, passwords, important documents .Mne...
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Pacific Computer - a collection of articles

Collection of articles how to lower the noise of the computer.
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his catalog of films

program is designed for easy storage of information on the title and genre of movies stored on CD and DVD discs. The base is created automatically when you...
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WallRin program to change the desktop wallpaper

Программа для автоматической смены обоев. Вы указываете папку с рисунками, а программа по заданным настройкам выбирает случайным образом один из них и...
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Joke programs. After starting the program opens a text editor, which is automatically set to the explanatory humorous content.
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