Boat Fishing

Excellent boat for fishing in the famous MMORPG World of warcraft. 100% working with an excellent interface and unique ideas Bot. Only in this boat there is a...
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WoW FishBOT 2.0.7 + Russian Manual (Setup)

Straight from the tin boat for WWII with detailed configuration in Russian.
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Бот для Granado Espada Русский сервер под версию 3.4.14

Это кнопочный бот для русского сервера "cortes" 3.4.14 Автоподбор лута/выкл Автосаммон/выкл Автохилл (Скаут будет лечить даже с кинжалом в...
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WoW: Gold Guide [100% work

После покупки вы получите архив, где находятся файлы в формате .pdf Внимание!Этот guide написан на английском языке, но даже зная немного вы сможете понять о...
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L2 Cheat Informer v1.3

L2Cheat InformeR - a unique base for bugs and cheats based portal for the game Lineage 2. The database contains almost all existing (both workers...
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Granado Espada 3.5.14 pv off running around the boat (from 16.12.09g)

Bega bot version 3.5.14 - Updated on 16.12.2009. Auto attack, Avtolut, avtovyzov sumonov, AutoCAD, AVTOBANK. A detailed description of setting up and running...
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Boat Lineage 2 RUUOFF 100% working 23 July 2009 + SETUP

Полностью рабочий бот настроиный + я сам всё настрою
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Build for PVP mage in WoW TBC

Офигенный билд для мага Таланты раскинуты настолько точно, что в PVP-серверах вы точно будете рулить Лично проверен Ессно вам надо собирать шмот на INT/STA и...
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L2PHX version C4, INTERLUDE, Gracia

L2PHX only working on PHX C4, INTERLUDE, Gracia.
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AntiAFK + HealBot World of Warcraft

- = HealBot = - - program for automatic treatment of the characters in World of Warcraft. It works on all versions, including 3.2.0 on. In the program there...
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Play Perfect World in two or more windows

Многие сталкиваются с проблемой передачи ценностей от одного своего персонажа другому или же для удобства один персонаж торгует а другой выполняет квэсты...
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Revo Bot

Самый лучший и гарантировано рабочий бот для pw
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L2PHX for Ruoff

L2Phx - program for the analysis and modification of packets in Lineage 2. It works with official servers, including servers and Russian
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Paid Server Lineage2 Interlude by la2base

The team provides the server la2base LINEAGE 2 INTERLUDE This server was running on the Internet more than a year The work on corrections and priblezhenii...
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Program Management 2nd window LineAge

The program allows you to configure the management 2nd window LinaAge II on the additional keyboard. 100% working on versions Interlude, Gracia part II, Gracia...
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Program to change a nick nickname and colors in the game

On ofe for her banyat on frishardah until there were no incidents with bans. Tested on abyss`e. With Russian nicknames problems, color, too, sometimes cleared...
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Legenda- first true role-playing game VKontakte

Как легко одеть своего персонажа в фулл палача и прокачать доблесть до статуса Чемпион, без использования голосов.
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The program to reduce ping in online games 2 times, very useful for those who have a bad provider
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surcharge boat for fishing and pharma Honor at BG

The newest version of the bot (WoW) Honor for farming and fishing. Non-detectable anti-cheat, + Installation Guide bot.
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Legend - the first role-playing game VKontakte! Super Boat

Boat itself determines your super hit! This is very handy when using the various super-blows depending on the location. You just have to change the game in the...
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Event Peklo

Supplement to the server Java Gracia Final Event: When killing a monster appears twice, and so in a geometric progression to a certain amount (number of...
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RPG mod for server sa-mp
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