Anomalous Phenomena

Amazing, fascinating, unique method to achieve financial well-being and personal happiness

1) Feng Shui Magic emperors of ancient China " It is often not enough money. Very often lack a loved one close. And the mind can not find the cause of...
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Another view. Book Macovei Dmitry

Truth has always existed, and answers to your questions were given thousands of years ago. Since the time of Jesus, Patanjali, Confucius, Buddha Nothing new...
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Another view. Book of Dmitriy Makovei

Truth has always existed, and answers to your questions were given thousands of years ago. Since the time of Jesus, Patanjali, Confucius, Buddha Nothing new...
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The parallel world. Jacques Vallee

"Если эти объекты наблюдались с незапамятных времен и их обитатели всегда вели себя очень похоже, то неразумно утверждать, что это "просто"...
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CONTENTS epidemic. Prevention and Treatment

A series of "Practical Psychology in the light of the Living Ethics" The book examines in the light of Agni Yoga (Living Ethics) issue of mental...
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Secrets of the higher mind or why aliens ashamed signs

This second edition of the amazing book. Over the past since the time of the first edition, the author's knowledge of the unrecognized greatly expanded, so...
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FBI files on UFOs

Some of the files of the FBI UFO. Photos from the documents that have long been considered confidential, but were declassified a few years ago under the...
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As you can see the human aura

As you can see the human aura? Simple device can be manufactured MOST HOMES.
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Charles Fort. 1001 forgotten miracle. The Book of the Damned

One of the most controversial and unusual books on anomalous phenomena, written by legendary explorer of the last century.

UFO crash near Kandalaksha. Tangible traces and artifacts.

In the mid 60s there was an accident near Kandalaksha unknown flying machines - UFO! scientific expedition, went to the accident site were able to detect...

The third appeal to the humanity (1929)

In 1929, in the wake of 75 meters was caught by unusual radio broadcasting stations Dacha. Hekto who gave his name and introduced himself as a messenger...
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Alim Wojciechowski. Mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle

The present book consists of two parts. The first part discusses mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle - a vast area in the western part of the Atlantic Ocean...
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Notes on the History of Russian everyman

Приводится метафизическая модель событий в истории России в следующие периоды: Смутное время с 1564 по 1612 годы; Революционные события с 1850 по 1917 годы;...
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X-files for the Russian - a collection of documents

This collection is made up of genuine documents containing information and materials related to the UFO problem. Sources of materials The compilers of this...
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UFO and the FBI - secret documents

Bruce Maccabee. UFO and the FBI. Secret Files of the US government.
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Helmut Hoefling. All the miracles in one book.

The author set out to examine with a critical eye, "all the wonders" of our century, from the wonders of the universe - the notorious aliens from...

K.Takett. Conspiracy theory.

Here is a fascinating collection of the most mysterious incidents of the past and the present, the real clue that is hidden to this day. The author makes a...

Serge Utan. People and fantastic civilizations

Users conquer space, but does that mean that all the mysteries of our planet you have disclosed all the puzzle solved. Certainly not Earth harbors more...

John Keel. UFOs: Operation Trojan Horse

American ufologist in the addictive form presents its own version of nature. UFOs (unidentified flying objects), as opposed to "Alien" hypothesis...

M.Kremo, R.Tompson. Hidden History of mankind. Forbidden Archeology

In "The Hidden History of mankind" Michael Cremo and Richard Thompson lead startling data, which the scientific community was once informed. For a...
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R.Tompson. Aliens. A look from the past

Richard Thompson, exploring one of the most remarkable literary works ever created by mankind - Vedas proves that a collision with a significantly ahead of us...

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