Book: "Enough to eat!" This book is about why we suffer from overweight or obesity. If you want to know what is going on, then this book is for you...
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How to tame your appetite and lose weight without pills and torture of hunger

Author of the book "How to Train your appetite and lose weight without pills and torture of hunger," Lyudmila Siminenko a year lost more than 20...
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Always in the form

"Always in shape!" irreplaceable recipe book for those who lose weight or tends to always be in great shape. More than 200 tons of delicious...
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о кремлевской диете

The book describes: The Kremlin diet, you lose weight Why ?, The main types, Table ideal weight for men and women, vegetable salads, Soups, Main dishes...
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PAUL C. Bragg Miracle of Fasting

Paul Bragg - the author of this excellent book - he is proof of its value. Youth in 85 years - the best proof. This person (physiotherapist by profession)...
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For the first time: Secrets Revealed Star diets

Очень полезный материал для желающих быстро сбросить лишние килограммы! Звезды кино и телевидения (Софи Лорен, Алла Пугачева, Марлен Дитрих, Лайма Вайкуле...
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Weight loss through diet, dance and sex

I present to your attention a new e-book titled - "Weight loss through diet, dance and sex." Author - Yu.V.Orehov. This book - designed to help...
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Sofa for training

Я похудела на двенадцать килограммов и стала чувствовать себя лет на пятнадцать моложе, попутно избавившись от нескольких хронических заболеваний. Без всяких...
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Похудение. Худеем быстро - без проблем

Это руководство для людей, которые хотят быстро похудеть. В нем полностью раскрыты методы, с помощью которых похудение станет не мучительным процессом, а...
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Чудо голодания

Прочитав эту книгу, автором которой является известный всему миру американский диетолог и физиотерапевт Поль Брэгг, вы узнаете о том, как правильно голодать...
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Boris Pokrovsky. Diabetes care

In the last decade it became clear that the available therapeutic agents can not completely cure diabetes and prevent complications. A huge, sometimes decisive...
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M. Akhmanov Diabetic menu. Sweet sugar

Book Michael Akhmatova "sweet without sugar" is addressed not only diabetics, but also to all who wish for whatever reason to restrict the intake of...
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100 ways to lose weight WITHOUT LOADS

Хочешь выглядеть молодо и красиво? Надоели изнуряющие диеты и бессмысленные упражнения? ТОГДА ЭТО ТВОЙ ШАНС СДЕЛАТЬ ФИГУРУ СВОЕЙ МЕЧТЫ В этом пособии изложено...
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The Kremlin diet: 100 of the best recipes and tips.

Do you want to quickly and effectively lose weight, eating delicious meals, without limiting itself in the choice of products and become fit, active, and hence...
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The real recipe for cellulite. 5 minutes per day

Defeating cellulite, get rid of the "orange peel" on the hips and buttocks - it's real! All exercises and recipes included in our practical guide...
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A complete table of the Kremlin diet

One of the most effective diets for weight loss. The first time the complete table of the Kremlin diet.
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The three-day diet Sophia Loren

Everyone always wondered how stars lose weight. You are given an exact diet Sophia Loren. Very fast and effective method of weight loss. Effect: minus 2-3 kg...
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For the first time! A complete table of the Kremlin diet

For the first time, see the complete table of the Kremlin diet. With it you can lose up to 25-30 kg per year
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300 рецептов сыроедения

сырая пища и её приготовление,всё о сыроедении и здоровом питании
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Dietary cuisine

Список диетических блюд заслуживающих внимания, например: рис "Пальчики оближешь" и др.
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