Russian and culture of speech

Culture of Speech "program of the Federal Russian publishing"

The textbook is written in accordance with the educational program¬moy for colleges. It includes the basic concepts of speech, teaching skills of domestic and...
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Planning lessons of literature in the 9th grade.

The program of the Ministry of Education, edited by TF Kurdyumova. 102 hours.
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EGE on the Russian language - how to pass it on fine

ЕГЭ по русскому языку?? Уважаемые выпускники, а также их родители! Как вы наверняка знаете, неумолимо приближается ЕГЭ по русскому языку, и у вас есть как...
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Methods Productions His irresistible Voices

Доброго времени суток! Вашему вниманию: В данной Книге вы узнаете как добиться своего Неотразимого Голоса! Что Вам даст данный курс: 1. Ваше искусство общаться...
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Russian language and culture of speech - Golub

Russian language and culture of speech - Golub The guide aims to strengthen the culture of writing and speaking students to learn to design business documents...
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Modern Russian language - Valgin

Modern Russian language - Valgin It contains all the sections of the course of modern Russian language: vocabulary and phraseology, phonetics, phonology and...

The culture of writing - Muchnik

WRITTEN SPEECH CULTURE Stylistically THINKING FORMATION Recommended management of development The manual provides an exhaustive classification of stylistic...
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The art and science of communication - Morozov

The work represents the first system in the domestic literature comprehensive study of important social and psychological role of non-verbal language and...

AP Zhuravlev - The sound and meaning

Очень интересная книга. Скачать можно по этому адресу
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Russian obscenities

Russian mat is shown in the book as a multifaceted phenomenon. The anthology includes "obscene" works of folklore heritage, works by famous and...
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Calendar-thematic planning class 3

TG Ramzaev Russian language. M: Education, 2006 2 parts (5 hours per week) 1st half (80 hours) One quarter (40 hours)
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Lesson generalization of knowledge on the topic gerundive 7kl

The lesson of the Russian language in the 7 "A" class. "Generalization of knowledge on the topic" gerundive. " Lesson Objectives: 1)...
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Lesson Text Analysis

Lesson Focus: generalization and systematization of the material studied spelling, vocabulary, syntax, based on analysis of literary text. Objectives: a...
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Lesson person and the number of the verb

The lesson of the Russian language in the 6th grade. Person and number of the verb. Lesson Objectives: to acquaint students with the meaning of the verb 1, 2...
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Setting. Give five examples from newspapers, magazines, art works, etc. with neologisms and nonce words, exoticisms and barbarisms. Specify the value of these...


Задание. Приведите по пять примеров из газет, журналов, художественных произведений и т.д. с неологизмами и окказионализмами, экзотизмами и варваризмами...


This book consists of a poetic text and author rifmovok to the basic rules with which children learn the lessons of the Russian language in primary school, and...
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The demo version of the exam on Russian language class 11

Демонстрационный вариант контрольных измерительных материалов 2010 года по русскому языку Инструкция по выполнению работы На выполнение экзаменационной работы...
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Unique tutorial on speech technology

Tutorial on speech technology for singers, announcers, hosts, MS and those who have problems with diction and pronunciation. The tutorials present a variety of...
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Основы лингводидактики

В пособии рассматривается социальный и научный контекст, имеющий непосредственное отношение к проблемам обучения языку. К ним отнесены проблемы языкового...
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Основы теории грамматики

В этой книге, в отличие от обычной практики современных работ по общему языкознанию, сперва дается характеристика основных черт грамматического строя. После...
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Profanity - weapons of mass destruction.

There are in the literature themes that are traditionally beyond our common focus - the theme is called, not for discussion, not for conversation. One of the...
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