Anthony Burgess. A Clockwork Orange

They fight, steal, singing, dancing and raping Exquisitely dressed pretty hooligan Alex - a ruthless gang leader teenagers to commit murder and rape, goes to...
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SD Perry Resident Evil: The Umbrella Conspiracy

The first book written by horror game series Resident Evil. The book is completely in English. The archive is a book in the format .PDF. I recommend to all!
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Mr. Blekhart

"Gallery of horrors" - a collection of stories in the spirit of mystical horror. The author is not planned depth study of the human subconscious...
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Collected Works G.Lavkraft (Part 1) 77 works + BONUS (biography, bibliography)

The most complete collection of works of King horror genre in the available for PDAs and phones format * .txt!
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G.Lavkraft Collected Works (part 2) 25 + bonus works (selection of drawings to works)

The most complete collection of works of King horror genre in the available for PDAs and phones format * .txt!
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I enjoy fiction, you love horror stories? Do you like Stephen King, Ray Bradbury, Gabriel Marquez? Read Marat Kabirov - you will like it Book format: fb2...
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Запрещенное веселье

Видешь только то, что хочешь. Слышишь только своё сознание. Но ты обязательно проснёшься - уверяю! У данной книги есть продолжение.
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Koji Suzuki-Up 0 (Birth)

This book consists of three parts: "The coffin in the sky", probably should have become the most striking episode of the novel "spiral";...
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Koji Suzuki-Call

Novel Japanese writer Koji Suzuki "call" is known to many readers on the same film of horrors. This dramatic, full of mystery story begins with the...
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Koji Suzuki-Ring 2

Roman Koji Suzuki, known to readers of the film "Up 2" continues the theme of the investigation of deaths by accident viewers for some new tape
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Koji Suzuki-Bell 3

The third novel writer Koji Suzuki, rightly called "the Japanese Stephen King" continues the story of the emergence and spread RING-virus emerging in...
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Omen - Omen 1 David Seltzer

He was born at 6 6 6 th day of the month. As foretold in the Book of Revelation, end of the world, the last confrontation between good and evil, and it will be...
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Omen - 2 "Damien" David Seltzer

Those who predicted this - dead. Those who try to stop it - in mortal danger. Seven years have passed since the day that Damien narrowly escaped death at the...
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Omen - 3 The Last Stand David Seltzer

The power of evil is no longer in the hands of a small child. Damien Thorn is now 32. In an effort to rule the whole world, he devoted only to his own father...
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Unidentified Moldova

It's time to ALL spade a spade! The author intends to help provide information not only to open the reader conventional terrestrial gateway to the world...
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Chariots of the Gods

Fifteen years ago, the film made a splash. In a documentary "Remembering the Future" lined kilometer queue. Its author, German researcher Erich von...
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This work was born under the influence of creativity of Mikhail Bulgakov. At the request of Shilovsky SS (Successor of Mikhail Bulgakov) names of the...
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The novel "Cat" - the first book Novels "Spell Kaytusa." A fine example of modern literature mystical genre. The story of the lives of...
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Vargo, the root of evil

Artist Artem Belinsky lived in his own castle, received in exchange for the collection of African idols of lord Gergert. This gentleman has been very...
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Icicle Vargo,

How fun to race on snow-covered taiga fast snowmobile! Young people are not afraid of the dense shade of the trees and deep snow drifts, and total darkness...
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August 1945. The small town of postwar Germany. Here, in a gloomy castle, lives senile Baron von Ledendorf who imagines himself the devil. To him secretly come...
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Principles of life

Contents of the book: Chapter One. WAY The point of all activities is beyond its limits Going beyond life The man who fed the monkeys Great goal can be...
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