Modules assembler for DOS

The set includes assembly code modules for graphics (some elements of the 3-dimensional graphics) files, sounds, timers, EMS memory, graphic formats (PCX, FLI...
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Powerful Calculator Assembler (source)

This software provides the user with the basic ability to perform simple mathematical operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division...
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The source archiver to Assembler

archive utility. For it has developed a modification of the algorithm LZW, suitable for the implementation of the algorithm in assembly language. The final...
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The source SOCKS4 proxy

Simple SOCKS4 proxy server written in MASM. The archive program itself (2,50 KB), operating in the port in 1090, and the source commented.
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Tutorial on programming in Assembler

Teach Yourself Programming in Assembler! The software package helps to open a new and wonderful world of programming. He will explore the most hidden and...
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Receive and display information received by COM-port

Course on the assembler (asm) for DOS. According to the technical task necessary to develop a program whose mission is to receive and display all the...
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Building a directory tree (ESP on the assembler)

It is used when the need to build a directory tree. The highest levels - 128. Format is invalid directory names are not compatible with DOS. Most defined...
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Loader com and exe files (ESP on the assembler)

Features: - The name of the loader and the name of the downloaded file is specified on the command line; - Types of executable files com, exe; - Returns an...
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Slow Processor (ESP on the assembler)

Slow computer work can be done by intercepting a hardware interrupt is generated on the system timer, called on each tick of the real time clock of the...
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Protection of the MBR entries (ESP on the assembler)

The main part of the program will intercept the 13 interrupts. This interrupt is responsible for access to the hard drive. The idea is simple. Let what a...
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Copy Protection (ESP on the assembler)

In this program (we'll call her later installer) implemented method of copy protection based on the unique serial number of the chip BIOS (basic...
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Measurement of the rate of exchange with the hard drive (assembler)

You are encouraged to prepare course work for the assembler (asm). Written program is designed to measure the rate of exchange with the hard physical disk. It...
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Access indicator files (ESP on the assembler)

Written program displays all access to files (file system). Written program is intended to indicate the treatment of other programs to the file system. It...
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The number of applications to the hard drive (assembler)

Course work for the assembler (asm) "Measuring the amount of disk access" Written program is designed to measure the amount of disk access per...
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Combining the two exe program (ESP on the assembler)

The program consists of two source files, one of which is written in high level language (kurs1.cpp), and the other assembler (codes.asm). The structure of...
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Characterization IDE devices (assembly)

The finished course work for the assembler (asm). Detail of the job: As a result of the course project to write a program defining the IDE / ATAPI device...
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Directory password protection (ESP on the assembler)

Course work for the assembler Protection directories (folders) password (password protection). Detail of the job: In this course project should develop a...
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HEX file viewer (ESP on the assembler)

Course work for the assembler (asm) "Simple a hexadecimal (hex) viewer (viewer) file. Detail setting: According to the task of the course project to...
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Logging run exe, com programs (assembler)

Course work for the assembler (asm) "Logging run programs." Detail of the job: Write resident program that logs the user's work, namely, all...
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TSR keyboard filter (assembler)

The finished course work for the assembler (asm). Fragments of the explanatory note: Develop a resident filter program, which forms the dictionary information...
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Assembler: problems and solutions

Assembler: problems and solutions (Assembler tasks & solutions) 32 routine tasks on programming TASK # 01 INITIAL DATA: A number of 3-th number system, the...
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Display the time source code

The source code of the program, important lines of comment, there is a conclusion.
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