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Реестр юридических лиц

Реестр юридических лиц
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Book on the MySQL and mSQL

A very good book on SQL databases. Describes how to create a database. Syntax MySQL and mSQL (the most common at the moment the database). Working with...
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Tools Delphi to develop database applications

This manual contains information on the development of database applications in the IDE Delphi. In this paper the utility (BDE Administrator, Database Desktop)...
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List of free E-books

elektronnye books opisaniya, instructions, and manuaal mnogo drugoi poleznoi Informations
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Base metal shipments in March of 2005 in Tatarstan.

Base metal shipments for March of 2005. Sort by stations companies itd
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Полный курс MYSQL

Книга, в которой около 400 страниц. Подробнейшее изучение БД по спец. цене!
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Подробное описание функций INTERBASE, начиная от создания Баз Данных и заканчивая тонкостями работы с БД
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Access 2002 database

Guidelines from the image: "Design of data entry and processing in the database Access 2002" Document Word 4,5 Mb - 22 pages, compressed into a rar...
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Database Design on SQL Server

Database Design on SQL Server
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Architecture, administration and development databases in the InterBase / Firebird (part 1), PDF, 119 c.

In detail how to install, key concepts and examples of work. It also includes the materials for the development of client applications based on FIBPlus. and...
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Architecture, administration and development databases in the InterBase / Firebird (part 2), PDF, 128 c.

Materials on developing InterBase database applications using technologies Java, ODBC, CGI and Microsoft OLE DB. Questions of Architecture and Administration...
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Guide to the MySQL database

Руководство может быть использовано как в качестве справочного руководства по данной СУБД, так и в качестве учебника. В целях его использования в качестве...
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Guide to MySQL

A handy guide to MySQL format chm
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How to pay for the electronic merchandise, via SMS

The revolution in the Internet business, "Selling was simple and easy."

A structured query language (SQL) - Tutorial

Qualitative and comprehensive book that contains all the details and secrets of working with SQL.
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Documentation for MySQL

In this specification, considered the DBMS MySQL. Guide is designed for users of mid-level training. It can be used both as a reference guide on this database...
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Introduction to database - Training course (Zelenkov YA)

The proposed textbook about the course content appropriate "theory of economic information systems", "database management systems and...
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Great tutorial on SQL (emphasis on the ANSI and ISO)

Contents of the book (in each chapter an average of 10 sections) 1. Introduction to the relational database Policy 2. SQL: Overview 3. Using SQL to extract...
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The collection of electronic books (e-access to the library)

After payment, you will receive a link to a site where you can download more than 6,000 e-books. On this resource are numerous sections divided on specific...
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Fundamentals of modern databases

Содержание Введение Лекция 1. Базы данных и файловые системы 1.1. Файловые системы 1.1.1. Структуры файлов 1.1.2. Именование файлов 1.1.3. Защита файлов 1.1.4...
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Working with databases MySQL

Very detailed description of working with databases with examples. An indispensable thing for the development of websites using the database MySQL.
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