Troubleshooting guide and repair mice

Полное руководство по самым часто встречающимся неисправностям в мышках и по тому, как можно избавиться от неисправностей.
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Guide for the care of a personal computer

The article on the main and most important tips on how to keep your computer and its performance is in perfect condition
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Beeps BIOS

Table of beeps that provides basic input output system
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BIOS error codes and acoustic signals

BIOS error codes and acoustic signals
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Set your BIOS

Intelligible description of the main sections of the BIOS
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PC TRICKS 100 professional advice and recommendations

The book is written for those who wish to maximize the use of equipment of its personal computer based on Intel or AMD. It describes nontrivial techniques...
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InterComp - FAQ for BIOS

Frequently asked questions about the BIOS
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Lenovo G470 G570 laptop schematic

Lenovo G470/G570 (LA-6751P/LA-6753P) laptop schematic. 60 pages.
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Sly BIOS settings

Раз BIOS Setup позволяет настраивать систему, интерес к его опциям неизменно проявляется у многих владельцев компьютеров. Конечно, можно спокойно применить к...
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Часто задаваемые вопросы по поводу BIOS
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Everything you wanted to know about upgrading Award Flash BIOS, but were afraid to ask

There are several reasons that have to upgrade the BIOS: the emergence of new equipment, new software releases, empowerment, fixes minor bugs and flaws
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Справочник по BIOS Setup

Справочник по различным опциям базовой системы ввода вывода
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A detailed description of all the settings and error BIOSa.

Help in chm-format. A detailed description of all possible settings and parameters BIOSa.
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Frequently Asked Questions about CD and DVD

What you will find in this book? Here you will find frequently asked questions by visitors of different forums on CD and DVD. Specifically, for example, to...
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Setting the video card and RAM (memory)

The book described in detail how to configure the video card and RAM in Bios
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Directory "Bios Setup of Russian"

This material describes almost all the parameters set by the program Setup BIOS firms AWARD Software International Inc. In particular motherboard of some of...
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Total Commander: efficient operation with archives

Djvu format Total Commander - a popular file manager for the daily work on the computer, to effectively manage files, directories and archives - which for...
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Ускарение длы винды на 15%

Легко через 5мин ваша виндаXP превратится в виндовс Wista
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Complete and reliable guide to BIOS Setup Award

This book describes almost all the parameters set by the program Setup BIOS firms AWARD Software International Inc. In particular motherboard of some of the...
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A comprehensive guide to BIOS settings and parameters

This book is entirely devoted to this custom theme from the world of personal computers, as the system BIOS and PC optimization. This publication will help you...
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The most complete guide to configuring the BIOS

This e-book contains basic information about the structure and operation of modern PC hardware and software. Consider expanding the functionality and control...
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Secrets of the BIOS. A detailed guide to the BIOS setti

The e-book is further reviewed a large number of new techniques to enhance the performance of computers using the settings BIOS: fine tuning, optimization...
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