Servicing and restoration of cartridges for printers

Tips, recipes, methods of refilling inkjet and laser printer cartridges. Volume: 38 pages. Size of archive: 433 kb. Contents: The recipe for the ink for...
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Book How to turn a PC into a measurement system

Scanned book "How to turn a PC into a measurement system" Translated to HTML. The book describes a simple circuit using the ADC, allowing turn your...
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Electronic textbook "Diagnosis - Repair - Upgrading Your 2005" + password to activate

I bring to your attention a new electronic textbook "Diagnosis - Repair - Modernization PC 2005" This book will be an important source of...
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Exam CISCO 640-801 (CCNA). Questions, answers and explanations.

The text contains a very valuable comments to complex issues It is also suitable for the preparation of 640-811 exam and 640-821 (ICND & Intro). I use...
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Modern high-performance computers

General requirements for modern computers Price / performance ratio Reliability and Resiliency Scalability Compatible software and mobility Classification...
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A detailed description of all the settings and error BIOSa.

Help in chm-format. A detailed description of all possible settings and parameters BIOSa.
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a rare thing, construction and repair APC uninterruptible power supply (description and diagrams)

The files are located in RDF format The computer program should stand ACROBAT READER
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instructions for filling cartridges of inkjet printers

instructions for filling cartridges of inkjet printers
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How to build and use a supercomputer

The book summarizes the author's many years of experience in the field of high-performance systems, including the famous families of domestic supercomputer...
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Infrared port for a computer

This device allows you to establish a connection to the IR rays with any household appliance in your apartment have IR control channel. Thanks to him, can be...
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Refilling cartridges modern printers

Refilling cartridges modern printers as well as rules of operation toner cartridges for laser cartridges printerov.Monohromnye Appendix 1. Cartridges for...
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Consultations on repair and modernization of the personal computer

Vyshdite request with a detailed description of the problem and pay for fantgame@mail.ru 2 WMZ, your address will detailed description of the problem.
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Electronic textbook

In this electronic textbook is very detailed with plenty of examples painted the process of repair, modernization, assembly and diagnostics computer at home...
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Frequently Asked Questions about CD and DVD

What you will find in this book? Here you will find frequently asked questions by visitors of different forums on CD and DVD. Specifically, for example, to...
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SERVICES In Windows XP pre-configured and full description.

During operation of Windows XP running multiple services, but not all of them are useful for the normal operation of your computer. Check the list of running...
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Nexus Команды DOS

Collection of basic commands in DOS system
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BIOS Setup

The book contains tips: setup, optimization, identification konkretnyz paramtrov in the BIOS, tips on overclocking, BIOS setup optimization
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Pinout Connector Pin IDE, PS / 2, SCSI, Ethernet

This guide shows the pinout of connectors, plugs, sockets for different devices. Here you can find the pin connectors PS / 2, LPT, USB, modem, MIDI Cable, IDE...
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Book Peter Norton "software-hardware organization of the computer IBM PC"

This book is the great Peter Norton "INSIDE THE IBM PC.ACCESS TO ADVANCED FEATURES AND PROGRAMMING". The book describes the subtleties of program- /...
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Troubleshooting guide and repair mice

Полное руководство по самым часто встречающимся неисправностям в мышках и по тому, как можно избавиться от неисправностей.
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Warning lamp cooler

The device is designed to feed the audio signal when the fan stops, cooling the CPU usage (ie cooler). Warning is included in the break cord cooler, PCB size...
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Directory "Bios Setup in Russian"

This material describes almost all the parameters set by the program Setup BIOS firms AWARD Software International Inc. In particular motherboard of some of...
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