Secrets of the BIOS. A detailed guide to the BIOS setti

The e-book is further reviewed a large number of new techniques to enhance the performance of computers using the settings BIOS: fine tuning, optimization...
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Refilling cartridges modern printers

The book is a practical-information tool on how to repair and refueling of cartridges for today's laser and inkjet printers. We also introduce some simple...
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Settings BIOS.

В данной книге приведено подробное описание BIOS и его параметров. При этом представлены различные версии BIOS от всех известных производителей. Рассмотрены...
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Программирование драйверов Windows.

Данная электронная книга - введение в разработку драйверов для MS Windows NT 5.x, представленных на сегодня версиями Windows 2000, Windows XP и Windows Server...
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Computers and quality. Reshetnikov A. Publication 1. 2009

• How to avoid mistakes and to get really high-quality computer equipment? • Why is it cheaper to buy as a result of computer technology? • What is a...
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In the process of starting the system and POST-test capabilities of various kinds hardware errors, accompanied by a parallel output on the screen corresponding...
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Manual BIOS Setup

The functions and setting BIOS, troubleshooting.
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A comprehensive guide to BIOS settings and configure it

The book describes in detail the principles and parameters of the basic input - output (BIOS). We consider methods of configuration, fine tuning, diagnostics...
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Secrets settings windows

this book describes how to set up windsurfing for themselves. What services you can or should be turned off. how to configure the computer for games, under the...
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guide to setting bios

This book is designed to chaynikov.V It tells all as BIOS popular language. Read and learn!
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The theory of economic information systems

The characteristic components of economic information B system (EIS) - computer systems, databases, software obespeche¬niya; The stages of their life cycle ...
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Diagnose and repair damaged CD media

1. The program path 2. Hardware 3. The mechanical method
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Active acoustics of the old columns of type S-90

Using the old Soviet-type speaker S90 can make a good active speakers for playback signal from the computer sound card or DVD-player. Here is a description of...
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Instructions for resetting chips for inkjet printers

Cartridges of new inkjet printers Canon Pixma series are equipped with special chips (chips) for the protection of refills. Need to reset the counter chip...
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Pinout Connector Pin

The pin connector pins: Centronics - SPP parallel port on your computer (LPT) Centronics36 - the parallel port on the printer Mini-Centronics MDR36 - the...
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Tutorial on Troubleshooting, home PC problems

Illustrated tutorial to eliminate failures and malfunctions home PC
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Putting a computer in 30 minutes

This guide will allow any user (including beginners), to choose and configure the computer components for self-assembly of the computer. In the book, the...

222 computer problems and their solutions

The book as a PDF file This book will show you a variety of ways to solve the computer problems faced by both beginners and experienced users. You learn from...
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Putting a computer in 30 minutes

File format djvu Guide with pictures for each step of the assembly of the computer yourself.
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Total Commander: efficient operation with archives

Djvu format Total Commander - a popular file manager for the daily work on the computer, to effectively manage files, directories and archives - which for...
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Guide for the care of a personal computer

The article on the main and most important tips on how to keep your computer and its performance is in perfect condition
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BIOS 100% Complete Guide.

Аннотация к книге "BIOS на 100 %" В книге подробно описаны принципы работы и параметры базовой системы ввода-вывода (BIOS). Рассмотрены приемы...
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