Colle-1 Repertoire for White 1.d4

System Colle! Opening repertoire for White at 1.d4. The single game system. The schemes play white on black all possible answers d5, g6, b6, e6, f5, etc...
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System Meran, Dreev 2007-2015 Rus

The basis for the classification of the options used books are Aleksey Dreev and Steffen Pedersen, "Meran System". The e-book contains almost all the...
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Debut Colle-Meran. Experimental

Eksprementalnaya debut book. All major versions tested games in the tournament today´s engines. Appearance page e-book: e-book format is similar .cbh...
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Repertoire for the black Modern, ...g6-Bg7-c5 2015

Revision 2015. The modern theory. Unified system for the debut of the game black white line. Rank position, strategic plans on the basis of the parties´...
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Modern Benoni 2001, Hebert Rus

Based on the book a Modern Benoni, Hebert. Added new games for 2007g. Partial translation. > all TEXT pages in Russian > comments of games selectively...
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The repertoire of "System Colle-3" in 2018 for whites.

Colle-3 system - currently, an advanced opening repertoire for White 1.d4. We consider all responses black. Initially, the material was based on the schemes...
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Sturm royal fortress

The book describes the methods B.F.Baranova attacks in different stages of the game. Particular attention is paid to attack in the middle of the game.
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Laboratory chess

The book is a well-known grandmaster Alexander Suetin He shares his experience on the study of the various stages of the party and the types of positions. This...
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Travel to the Kingdom of chess

This kingdom is not found on any map. As you might suspect, it is located on a chessboard. We invite you to make a trip to the glorious country of chess. Yes...
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In the wake of disasters debut

On the debut of errors and their consequences, and combinations of traps in the initial stage of the game he tells us in his book, renowned theorist and the...
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The electronic directory of all openings in the chm format

Compiled HTML-file is very useful when finding the openings and the various options for titled debut and initial moves of the party. You can find almost all...
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Ways to improve

In the book of famous chess teacher, honored coach of the USSR V.Zaka researched methods of teaching chess problems. Based on a rich personal experience...
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1000 matt combinations

The book V.L.Henkina numerous, well-chosen examples show typical methods of attack on the king, uchat find the combination in the most seemingly innocuous...
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Combination motifs

This guide, written by an experienced coach, International Grandmaster ICCF (Max Bloch), contains more than 1,400 jobs, very detailed explanation of Raman...
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КНИГА ИНТЕРЕСНА КАК НАЧИНАЮЩИМ ТАК И ПРОФФЕСИОНАЛОМ КРАТКОЕ СОДЕРЖАНИЕ Книга полностью соответствует печатному изданию включает в себя все рисунки и шахматные...
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Protecting two horses C55-C56

Translation (PROMT) Chessbase e-book into Russian, saved in a format RTF.
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Protection of the Caro-Kann B18

Article from the well-known magazine. Considering options 1.e4 c6 2.d4 d5 3.Kc3 de 4.Ke4 Cf5 5.Kc5!
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King's Indian E97

An article from a popular magazine.
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B20 Sicilian Defence

Article from the well-known magazine. Considering options 1.e4 c5 2.Ke2 d6 3.g3
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