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Security businessman and Business: A Practical Guide - Taras AE

The basis of this book is based on a series of articles published by the author in 1995 in Minsk Journal "Business: East + West". Book version of...
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LZ Schneidman. Introduction to International Financial Reporting Standards

This book is intended for the development of methods of preparation of financial statements in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards...
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Данное практическоепособиепредставляетсобойвпервые переведенное на русский язык "Полное руководство по обеспечению безопасности должностных лиц...
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CRIB AGENT School works in advertising and commerce The book includes nearly 160 pages, the font Courier New, posted. 10 The file is compressed by the...
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R. Gage How to build multi-level money machine

The book describes in MDM that such a multi-level "car," how to choose a company, how to find candidates as they recruit and much more.
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Buryak Alexander - \u003cb\u003eArt of survival.\u003c/b\u003e

The book is a systematic form of action sets out methods in critical situations, as well as training for such situations. Regarded as typical and specific...
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Данное практическое пособие представляет собой впервые переведенное на русский язык "Полное руководство по обеспечению безопасности должностных лиц и...
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Surviving in Prison

How to behave in places not so remote
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State agencies and systems. Organizational and technical security.

The book provides an overview of means of protection and recommendations on their choice. In 6 chapters and describes organizational measures hardware...
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CHINESE stratagems

Famous 36 stratagems (stratagem - Europeanized name of military or worldly cunning) - one of the foundations of the national culture of China, the center of...
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French Foreign Legion. Simon Jameson

The book about the French Foreign Legion, about how to join the Legion.
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Psychological test programs. Development of the KGB

Приложение к спец изданию «Предпринимательство и безопасность» для руководителей среднего и высшего звена. 1. Психологический портрет + профориентация. 2...
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Business management for start-ups (Part 1 of 50 pcs.)

br001 sale information. Direct Marketing. Brief overview. br002 100 types of businesses that you can start immediately. br003 +100 kinds of businesses that...
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E-book with a detailed, step by step description of how to open a business. Starts with home business ideas, will help to deal with the Become a Member, with...
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SUMMARY Safety mobile. It is important to know that in any mobile equipment in the development phase lays the different specific features. On the possibility...
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First Frank Bettdzher - Yesterday loser - today was a successful businessman

A very good book! Released recently! In the west, it turned the world! We've got just now!
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The contents of your organization's network security when using the Internet

The contents of your organization's network security when using the Internet (Introduction to Firewalls (firewalls))
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Secrets of safe driving (unique)

The brochure contains the following secrets of driving skills that are not in the same description is not methodical manual is not in one of the SDA. You do...
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The device is self-Strike (description). Protect yourself

The brochure contains a description of self-defense spray device "Beat". Technical hara-ki, a photo to use. "Punch" is the most suitable...
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become rich and prosperous

From magdino book will make you rich and preuspevayuschim.tsena this book quickly pay for itself
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how to protect your computer from hackers and viruses from stealing inforatsii

in this e-book contains information about: Protecting your computer from hackers. virus protection. as well as on mobile govroit free how to speak free...
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The most comprehensive handbook of doing business

Вам еще не известны СЕКРЕТЫ БОЛЬШИХ ДЕНЕГ ? Тогда это для Вас! • Узнай тайны БОЛЬШИХ ДЕНЕГ! • Раскрой настоящий секрет БОЛЬШИХ ДЕНЕГ! • Выбрось своего...
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