International Law

The US Constitution

The text of the US Constitution.
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The Basic Law of the Federal Republic of Germany

OSHOVHOY ZAKOH FEDERATIVHOY REPUBLIC GERMAHII on May 23, 1949 Preamble Conscious of their responsibility before God and men, inspired by a desire to serve...
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Constitutional acts Velikovritanii

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International relations (textbook) (319 pp.)

International relations (textbook) (319 pp.)
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How to settle in Canada: first steps as it really is

TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. Copyright 2 2. Limit of Liability / Disclaimer of Warranty: 2 3. FOR WHOM wrote this material 2 4. HIGHLIGHTS: CANADA 3 4.1 A few...
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Internet and Law

If you decide to do business online - you probably need to be confident in the future. In the case of the offense must also be aware of the terms and forms of...
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International law - Tutorial

International law did not arise from the desire of individuals, groups, classes, and so on. E., As a result of real social processes. Historical material shows...
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Translation of the Companies Law of Cyprus - "Company,

Translation of the Companies Law of Cyprus - "Company, paragraph 113, as amended." The volume of translation 327 pages. Summary: Part I - THE...
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Labor legislation in China

Collection of existing legal acts of the People's Republic in the field of regulation of labor relations (Russian translation)
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Corporate China

This book contains the PRC Law "On enterprises of foreign capital" Regulations on the Application of the Law of the PRC "On enterprises with...
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ISPS Code the official text

Today it is the most recent and complete version of the Code for the Security of Ships and Port Facilities (ISPS Code).
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Laws of Belize, "the International Business Companies"

translation of the text of the law of Belize "International Business Companies" (Chapter 270) (as amended on December 31, 2000) (The international...
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AJ Zelikman-English for Lawyers

The manual is an essential part of teaching - methodical complex, designed to teach English to students of law schools and faculties. Serves 90 - 120 hours of...
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Public International Law Page 50 TM Kovalev

Syllabus and guidelines Designed for law students of all forms OBu-cheniya.
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International law page 304 NA Ushakov

В соответствии с программой курсамеждународного публицестическогоправа рассматриваютсяосновныеотрасли и институты международного права.Дается...
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Международное Публичное право. ( Бекяшев )

В учебнике освещены понятие, предмет, система, принципы и источники международного публичного права; изложены основные отрасли, такие как международное...
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Cyprus Law on Contracts (Section 149, in English. Language)

Закон Кипра О Договорах. РАЗДЕЛ 149 ЗАКОНОДАТЕЛЬСТВА КИПРА На английском языке, 35 страниц
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Cyprus Law "On special assembly on defense" (RUS-ENG)

1. The Law of the Republic of Cyprus in 2002 "About special collection on defense" (Amended 2003) - in Russian 2. The Special Contribution for...
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Ryahina IV Problems of inter-state cooperation

Ryahina IV The problems of international cooperation in the electricity sector: Diss. Cand. jurid. Sciences. - M .: Moscow State Law Academy, 2004. - 210 p...
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Demicheva ZB Legal standards of the Council of Europe

Демичева З.Б. Правовые стандарты Совета Европы: Дисс. … канд. юрид. наук. - М.: Московский государственный институт международных отношений (университет) МИД...
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Gasimov FR The recognition of states and governments

Gasimov FR The recognition of states and governments. Modern international legal theory and practice: Diss. Cand. jurid. Sciences. - Kazan: Kazan State...
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The law of Belize International Business Companies

Перевод Закона "О международных коммерческих компаниях"
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