Explanatory Dictionaries

Dictionary of Russian (293 thousand. Words 1205 thousand. Interpretations)

Dictionary of the Russian language (set of common, special and borrowed vocabulary synonymous with rows), version 4.1, 293 thousand. Words 1205 thousand...
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Explanatory (Electronic Dictionary)

The program is an electronic Dictionary. With this program you can quickly learn the meaning of words using the available dictionaries. When you type the first...
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Explanatory Dictionary of card (poker) terms and jargon

The explanatory dictionary of poker terms, slang and jargon (not matte) used by players around the world.

Explanatory Turkish dictionary of medical terms

Explanatory Turkish dictionary of medical terms. The dictionary is intended for specialists in Turkic languages \u200b\u200band interpreters Turkish.
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Smart dictionary for novice Internet businessman

1) Smart dictionary for novice online businessman, you start your online business! 2) Who else wants to learn how to earn Olayne in 5,10,20 times more money?
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Dictionary of Russian mat

Russian mat. Anthology (for specialists philologists)
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Cloudy Bukvarik

This "Clueless Bukvarik" designed to take nothing for the sense, because the author has an opinion on the substance of the surrounding, such as: ...
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Symbols, termins and attributes of orthodox Church

Christianity is one of the three major world religions. The importance of Christian culture for all of humanity, grandiose and eternal. Having replaced...
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