Recovery of view. Methods and descriptions vision care and restoration

Recovery of view. Methods and descriptions vision care and restoration! 4 books which describe systems and methods that can help you restore your eyesight...
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Structure and function of the eye

The structure and function of the eye
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Prevention and treatment of myopia "

If time does not take action, then it is progressing myopia, which can lead to serious irreversible changes in the eye and a significant loss of vision. And as...
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Table Sivtseva eyesight testing

Year: 2008 Standard tables are used Sivtseva and Landolt. These tables are designed to determine the visual acuity at a distance of 5 meters. For the average...
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Improve vision without glasses METHOD Bates

W. Bates "improve vision without glasses METHOD Bates" Presenting your attention the book is the first edition, which adequately describes the...
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We offer a methodology, which aims - to reduce eye strain when recognizing letters while reading. Suspected adverse achievable goal - to increase reading speed...
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VISION - without glasses

This can of each exercise: a reliable and simple and practical advice. The book is intended for self parking-tive vision correction. The development is based...
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100% treatment of cataract (full recovery of vision)

This recipe is tried on itself a friend of my mom's doctors offered her surgery, she said that no other outputs or she is completely blind. But after she...
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To cure cataract without surgery

What causes cataracts? There are several theories of the causes of cataracts. Factors affecting clouding of the eye lens can be divided into two parts...
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100% vision. Treatment, recovery, prevention

Currently, few people can boast a 100% vision. The causes of myopia and hyperopia can be infectious and non-communicable diseases, injuries, and disorders of...
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methods of restoration

a unique way to restore vision in 3 months
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The method of treatment of keratoconus

The unique technique of treating keratoconus. Without operations. The effect of treatment - 100%

Kozlova_Kochneva _-_ Super zrenie._Luchshie_.pdf

Super vision. The best recipes of traditional medicine from A to Z ISBN: no, no Format: PDF, OCR without errors Year: 2009 Category: Medicine Publisher...

How to save the eyesight when working at the computer

How to save the sight, working on the computer? Do I have the daily work on the computer lead to vision loss? These and other similar questions for many years...
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Vision correction

TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction. How to save the apple of his eye About Me On the method What gives courses on vision correction? What gave courses on...
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Get rid of glasses forever killer

"Who is to blame? What to do? Where are my glasses?" - Three issues of the modern intellectual. The permanent head of the Center Svetlana Troitskaya...
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How to improve vision without glasses

In recent years, domestic and foreign medicine markedly increased interest in non-drug treatments, most often associated with alternative medicine. In the...
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