Games development program allows you to check your reaction as well as to develop it in the daily workout. Develops perception reaction when interacting with...
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Flash-game businessman - this is a game that will make you a real businessman.

Teaching Irregular Verbs + Test

Tutorial in English, "Irregular verbs" to the test at the end of
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Zbіrka rіznih Igor
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Educational game

The uniqueness of the educational game "Leverage your freedom" is that this is the first Russian game, offering participants the opportunity to...
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Who said ...

This is a game I wrote specifically for his son. It is designed for children from 2 years old. It will help your child to develop not only memory and...
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Coloring for Kids

The "coloring" is intended for coloring pictures - coloring, contains more than 200 images to paint on various topics, as well as the ability to add...
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Entertaining ABC

This game is designed for children from 4 years old. It is more difficult versieey my game "Who said ?", And will also help your child develop...
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Game for your phone Popeye Pinball

This classic slot machine in the mobile version will give you a lot of fun, you can always enjoy amazing fun and exciting game alone, or compete with your...
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program for development of memory

a program with which you will be able to develop memory
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Forms balance games Cashflow Cashflow 101, 202

Blanks balance and metering options in the PDF format in Russian (for the printer). Designed for desktop financial game by Robert Kiyosaki Cashflow 101 and...

Solver (assistant) in the game Balda cheater

Free On-line solver (cheater) for the game "Balda". The largest database of words in RuNet. Over 52,000 words. Quick count (of a second)...
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Playing dominoes with a computer. Domino is placed on 4 sides of the first hollow. Points are typed in when the sum of all the parties is a multiple of 5. The...
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Clairvoyance. Third Eye simulator.

With the simulator, "Third Eye," you can develop your supernormal abilities. To see and understand the future. Learn how to make the right decisions...
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Coloring for Kids

Coloring for kids - it´s about a hundred pictures for coloring, ranging from the simple to complex designs. In it you will find a large number of...
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Practice is a unique game. We need to hit the yellow circle in the green moving your mouse and drawing lines. Multilevel game!)
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Chess 2

Chess 2, a new application, one of the best apps in its class.
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Game "Cleaver". The player and computer add one letter in turn at the beginning or at the end of the letter combination. Loses the one on whom the...
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Profit calculation for the economic game Capital

The program allows you to automatically calculate the amount of profit received by each of the 4 players of the board economic game "Capital"
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